Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow day

It snowed all night and all day, it was amazing! This picture was taken at 10pm last night and as you can see it was pretty snowy then, you could only imagine how deep it is now.
The snow was too deep in the morning to drive to work so I had to walk. (which is only like 4 blocks, but in a foot of snow it was like trekking through the frozen tundra)
In other news:
Today I received my first handmade trade from Jamie over at With Love Jamie. You should go check out her cute blog now! Anyways Jamie sent me the sweetest/most awesome handmade package ever! To top it off, everything was wrapped up! Here is what she sent me:

Thanks Jamie! Everyone should check out her etsy shop if you want some of these awesome felted items! http://www.etsy.com/shop/thisyearslove
And just because I can, I took some pictures of my little sister post wisdom tooth extraction:
Quit smuggling the hoho's Angela! hahahah.. She is so going to hate me for this.
I hope everyone had a fabulous day!


Delirium said...

IM FINALLY BACK. Coming back to all this snow was crazy, but it rained the entire time I was in St. George so it wasn't too drastic a change.

I have so much to post! I'm too tired tonight though. I'll have an epic post tomorrow and probably be back to regular blogging now.

We should hang!

With Love, Jamie said...

Aww, yay! So glad you got your package so soon & that you like everything!!
xo, Jamie

amylou said...

What cute little goodies!

Stay warm!

Chrissy said...

Oh, what cute items from Jamie!! I love her blog and shop! She is such a sweetheart!

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