Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy bee!

Sorry for the less often posting, and seemingly endless boring ones when I do post. This week has been SO busy, full of parties, and dashing around to get Christmas gifts. Until yesterday I did not have a single gift purchased. Today I can proudly say that I have all of my shopping done! Except maybe a few odds and ends. Yesterday was a great day (besides the whole historic building fire) I opened at work so I got off early. After work my sisters, nieces and I went on a shopping rampage, I got all of my husbands Christmas presents. As well as both my furry children's gifts. After shopping we got take out from Cafe Rio, and then it snowed a whole lot! It was magical, we drove by the building a few times and tried to take some snapshots of the wreckage. (sorry the building picture is fuzzy and far away, I was driving past while taking them)
 After that I had my nieces over for a sleepover. We crafted all night, I needed to get some things finished to send to Jamie for our handmade trade. I can't wait to get her package ♥ OH and the most exciting part! I got my package from Amylouwho! I was so excited to see the package when I got home. Inside all of the items were wrapped and adorned with pretty ribbon :) Her garland is hanging in my living room, key chain is on my key ring, and the hairpins are in my hair box waiting to be worn when I get ready! (I am going to have to take some good pictures of all of the items, I apologize Amy I didn't have time today)
I LOVE what she sent, what a great giveaway to win. She even wrote me a sweet little card, with a cute picture on the front of a girl with a doggy:). Thanks Amy, I love them!!
 I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and if anyone is interested in doing a trade let me know( I'm off to wrap a bunch of presents and get some more holiday things done.


Delirium said...

I still have so much christmas shopping to do. Arg. I waited until the last week, I'm crazy.

Handmade trades sound fun!

Hope you have a great day. Let's hang out soon and make cupcakes. (I have an amazing recipe you will want to try)

With Love, Jamie said...

Yeeees! I shipped today! :)
Oh & I just saw your music list on your profile page, love it! Very similar to mine! :)
xo, Jamie

amylou said...

Yay!!!! I'm so very glad that u got it sweet girl!

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