Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town

Merry Christmas to everyone! I know it is late, but hey I needed a break from blogger for a few days. I have so much to catch up on it is almost overwhelming. I had a great Christmas filled with lots of family, food and presents. I will have to catch up with everything in a few blogging sessions but for now I will focus on Christmas Eve.

Santa drove past our house on Christmas Eve. HAHA
Christmas Eve morning I woke up rather late and headed over to my parents house. Everyone was already awake and my mom was busy cleaning up the house before the festivities got started.
  She came walking up the stairs carrying all of this! hahah.
My brother and his family decided to surprise us and show up for Christmas, which was great but I hadn't gotten anything for them. So my sister, niece and I decided to hurry out to target to get a few presents. Target was PACKED, holy smokes it was crazy. On our way home we decided to stop by Sonic to get a DDP, It was a much needed caffeine fix.We pretty much just sat around all day and vegged out after that. 
My whole entire family ended up being in town for Christmas Eve!(except Tomoko)It was good to catch up with all of my siblings. That night the cousins were all there and the little kids made gingerbread houses and cookies for Santa. 
  Even my Grandma got in on the action! haha
Then we all opened the cousin gifts which mostly consisted of pajamas. Oh and I must not forget my mom made us all rice bags. Which are soooo great, especially during winter. (and when your heater is not working!! UGH it is SO cold in my house.)
She even customized each one on the inside. Mine were owls! 
After the gift exchange we all gathered in the front room while the men in the family took turns reading the Christmas story, then we all got bundled up and drove down to Spanish Fork to see the festival of lights. Which is my favorite Christmas tradition. It was such a magical night and I am quite sad that it has come and gone already!! I am excited for the new year though and all the good changes to come. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I can't wait to hear your Christmas stories. I will be back tomorrow to blog about Christmas day :)
P.S. sorry about all the and thens, and after that's.. haha


kenzie said...

ohmygosh, your cookies look amazing. and let me just say that the photo of your grandma decorating might be the cutest thing ever. i'm glad you had such a good christmas! hurray!

Hello Again Vintage said...

Awwe. It's great that you had tons of fun with your family. And it was super sweet that your brother surprised all of you. Usually my entire fam drives up to our place to celebrate Christmas Eve/Christmas together. It's always something I look forward to the whole year. :)

Anyway, those gingerbread cookies and house look delicious. Yummy! :)


With Love, Jamie said...

Oh I love your photos :) :)
I still have not gotten your package yet! But maybe it will come today?! ;)
Thanks so much for your order friend! I will include a little something extra in it too! :D
xo, Jamie

Nicole Jeannette said...

What a lovely blog! It looks like you had fun! Your Sammie is PRECIOUS! My Oliver is a dachshund too!

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