Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One waist or another.

As of late I have really been struggling with my weight. I keep telling myself that "tomorrow" I will start my diet. Tomorrow I will exercise blah, blah, blah! All of this "tomorrow" thinking has allowed me to gain almost 20 yes I said it 20 freaking LBS since my wedding. (mind you I was no where near thin then either)
I am so sick of all the treats at work and at home. I don't know how to say "NO!" but it is time folks. Time to cut the garbage out, and start eating healthy. Also one thing that I struggle with A LOT is exercise, I once was a member of a gym. I went all the time with a friend of mine, but then we lost touch. My social anxiety coupled with body self loathing makes it hard to exercise in public.
This must end today!(don't worry I got that "last meal" in)
So I decided that starting tomorrow (there we go with that word again!) I will begin strictly following WW and starting to incorporate some cardio and strength training into my daily life.
(hopefully I can cross at least one thing off my list!)

  1. Get some cute exercise clothes. A must. 
  2. Start tracking everything I eat 
  3. Lose 5 pounds by 01/01/11
  4. Go to Weight Watchers meetings every Monday with my mom again & blog about the results.(to make me more accountable)
  5. Maybe one day go to the gym with Bonnie.I'm working on this.
  6. Do at least 50 crunches a night. (don't laugh, I am trying!)
  7. 3 reps of arm strength training every day.
  8. Get in at least 3-30 minute sessions of cardio-until a routine is established then up the amount.
  9. DRINK MORE WATER. I am SICK of getting migraines from dehydration... I know it is my fault..
Im sure by now your all anxious to get to your next blog on the ol' list. Sorry to bore.. I feel as if the only way to actually do it is by saying it. 
and I made 4 sales today on my etsy shop!
& I finally came up with a pattern that I am satisfied with for my owl products! I am so grateful for the inspiration that Chrissy and other bloggers/etsians have given me to create these little felted owl ornamets. Thanks girls!
I will be making loads of these this week so make sure to check here for more!
& don't forget Decembers coupon code: ireadgwid to save 20% off all orders in my shop!
Have a great night all!


Shandi said...

I wish you would come to Zumba with me! It's so much fun!

Maybe I'll just come to you and we'll Zumba in private. Haha.. I know all the moves. We could totally do it! ;)

Whitney, Coty, and Mr. Mason said...

ha try losing weight while pregnant and then gaining it back after having him. i was so excited that i lost instead of gained and then everyone says they lose weight after the baby and i gained.......? i was so bummed.i do the same "tomorrow thing" or the "monday thing" but i never do. i freaking made chocolate covered pretzels last night. no good.

Chrissy said...

Aww - thanks for the shout-out, Sweetie!!
Good luck with your diet - I hear ya!!

Delirium said...

I would totally Zumba with you and Shandi in private. That sounds weird.

But seriously. Let's Zumba.

Or go to the gym. Something. I need to do something! I'm starting today too. Let's encourage eachother!

Textual message me. (Isn't this the best comment ever? Or worst?)

Crystal Arballo said...

I have a funny excerpt from South Park I think you'll enjoy.

- Hello there, children.

- Chef, we need butters to gain about 50 pounds, fast.

- 50 Pounds, why?

- Ah, school project.

- Well, if you want him to get really fat as fast as possible, one of you will have to marry him.

- Marry him?

- It definitely worked for every woman I ever met.
I swear it's so true. I know how you feel when you hate how you look and I really admire you for wanting to work out. I still have to get to that point still. : ) I went from 140 to 215 while pregnant with Annabelle and only about 20 or so came off. I'm hoping it'll get better soon when I have a little one RUNNING around but we'll see.

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