Thursday, December 9, 2010

Homemade gifts: do you like them or not?

So it has been two days of eating healthy. Good news is I can say I have stayed pretty on track! So far I haven't really made time for the exercise part. Slowly though I will do it! Lately I have been making a couple sales or more per day on etsy. I am kind of running out of things, so I decided to make a bunch more stuff. I have yet to post all of them but here are a just a few.
If I had regular pierced ears I wad wear these in a heartbeat, seriously so cute in real life. I have really been diggin' the vintage glass cabochons lately.
I made this particular pair for a work party tonight, we are doing a gift exchange. Hopefully who ever gets them likes doesn't think they are lame! (I will have these posted in the shop soon)
Lately I have really been into decorating my jewelry boxes with rub on transfers. I got a TON and the American Craft outlet. This will be the box that I Put the earrings above into, I love this rub on sewing machine.
Been busy making felted friends, they have been selling really fast. Well the 3 that I have actually posted on etsy. haha. I really enjoy stitching lately, it is funny I seem to get bored with making the same type of thing. I have to constantly be coming up with different ideas in different medias to keep myself occupied.
I was up until 1 last night making this and other things for the party. I am kind of embarrassed to bring in home made products for the gift exchange. Hopefully no one feels cheated because they got mine, instead of a gift card, or some yummy lotion. 
OMG I finally got my package today! I am in LOVE with the etsy shop south hill stones, they will make a pair of plugs for you in almost any stone you want. I ordered two pairs, the ones that I am wearing in the picture were made custom just for me. I love them! The picture is lame, but they are rad. promise.
I hope everyone has a great night!
I can't wait for the girls party at work:) I work with the best people, I can honestly say that it is like working with a bunch of friends. I love each and every one of them. 
Also, if anyone else trades handmade items, I would love to set up a trade!


vroomvroom911 said...

Those Owl earrings are adorable! I want a pair. LOL!

Delirium said...

^^^My niece is awesome.

Have fun at your party! Um, seriously if I wasn't down to my last dollar right now I'd be buying up all of your lovely creations.

Brett said...

I love getting handmade gifts! I am making a lot of our gifts this year too. It's fun and it feels more personal to me than a gift card or something!

with a chance of said...

i love handmade gifts! maybe it's because i love to make handmade gifts... but i just think that it means more... it's one of a kind... unique... speaking of unique i featured one of your cute little owl ornaments over on my blog in my "ornaments take 2" post. thanks for being awesome!!

Shandi said...

cuuuute! whoever gets your gifts is L-U-C-K-Y!!! I can't wait to get paid so I can buy a million things from you!

wichser studio said...

I LOVE HANDMADE ITEMS AS GIFTS!! This season, anyone who's asked what I wanted, I always tell them that handmade would make me smile! I'm sure your girls will love what you have in store for them. I love your creations. So pretty and adorable.

Also, I read your blog before this. Let's motivate each other! Blogging about it is a great way to keep each other in check. I'm excited to bring sexy back lol.

Especially because right now I'm at the point I dont even care to wear real clothes anymore. I could wear sweats and big shirts and hoodies everyday. I dont want that! I want to look cute in little cute girl clothes! lol

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