Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jack frost.

This morning started out hectic, I had to leave my car at my parents house before work so my dad could take my car to get safety inspected. As I was leaving my house, I realized that the paper I needed to have to get it  inspected was not in my car. I was running around the house tearing everything apart with no luck.. I had to been in Orem to the office by 8:30 and it was now 8:10, so I decided to just take my car over without the paper. When I got outside I realized there was frost on the fallen leaves on the ground, this made me smile, my day was beginning to look up. Turns out my mom had put my emissions paper in between the pages of a magazine, which she told me at the time but of course I'd forgotten. ANYWAYS I got to work on time. (luckily before the first patient) 

When I got to work I was greeted by my lovely co-worker with this magical site. (seriously, check out the snowflakes!)
Nothing makes my day better quite like caffeine. Also while at work I ate chips & queso which is SO GOOD, don't ever try it you'll get hooked! If that wasn't enough, I got to see the davinci robotics in the Timpanogos hospital. SO COOL! They had these tiny little clay things that you could practice cutting, it was awesome. Seriously the advances in medicine are so amazing.
After work I drove home & of course stopped at Sonic on my way, the sky was so pretty. The ONLY downside of winter is the fact that the sun goes down early, but the skies seem to be prettier too. 
So I got home & my dad was putting in a new window, Huzzah! I love fixing up our ol' house, every new piece of furniture or fixture makes it feel more like our home. I am so lucky to have a very helpful dad. As if that wasn't enough to make me squeal with delight, when I checked the mail I had received TWO packages!
First package contained these teeny tiny molds that I am going to make into adorable earrings & other goodies.. Don't be too jealous they are only the neatest things ever!
They look neater in person, but seriously SO little! You can't tell in the picture but they are like 3/4 the size of my pinkie nail.
ALSO I got these Beautiful plugs
Not that great of a picture, oh and don't mind the no makeup, greasy hair, & acne goin' on.

Pretty much had an AMAZING DAY! I l♥ve November! I can't wait until Aaron & my birthday, & Thanksgiving & Decorating, baking & CHRISTMAS! Too many &'s?? I don't think so.
Who else had a fabulous day? 


Whitney, Coty, and Mr. Mason said...

I had a fab day yesterday does that count? I got a new car(if you look in our parking lot its the white jeep) and coty decided that since I kept looking at the cricut site he would buy one for me for christmas and suprise me. It arrived yesterday. My dad is the same way I swear he can do anything. I also saw your dad raking last night on the corner by his house. Isn't it so nice living so close to your parents. I love it cus mason and I can take a walk down there when its warmer.

Bonnie Heather said...

Well my day wasn't quite this good. (or at all, actually.)

But damn girl! You are so pretty, wth. And I love the buttons. And getting packages in the mail is THEE most exciting thing ever!

I'm glad your day was so great. :)

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