Thursday, November 18, 2010

Antioxidants, what!?

Today I made 5 more sales, yes i said it 5!
It is good to see that all of my hard work is starting to pay off. One of my new favorite items on my shop are these little itty bitty pearlized acorn earrings. The pictures do not do their cuteness justice!

I have put so much time and effort into my shop, I am thinking of buying another showcase spot. It really helped to get my shop some exposure, even if it only yielded 6 sales. I did get some random people who made my shop & items favourites though, which is always exciting. 

OH YEAH! I forgot to mention that I found a new addiction. Although it is caffeine free it is delicious! The only downside is that it is only a seasonal item. BOOO! Oh plus it is zero cals & it has "antioxidants" Pffft as if 7up!
& of course I could never write a blog post without posting at least one picture of the pup's. Or pup I should say. 
He makes me laugh when he plays with this ball, it is TOO big. It looks like he is blowing a bubble lol
Have a great day!


Bonnie Heather said...

That is awesome! Congrats! I really love the blue teal rose earrings!

Chelsea Lane said...

your blog is so cute! haha I'm seriously about to order the acorn earrings, can you tell me how big the mum earrings are too? they're soo pretty!


Whitney, Coty, and Mr. Mason said...

get eggnog ice cream and make a float with the 7-up. it sounds horrible but its amazing! we have already gone through 3 cartons of ice cream.... sad i know but at least most of that is coty.

wichser studio said...

congratulations on your sales!! that's always very exciting. After a long hiatus, im trying to get back into the etsy game. and its always hard for me to get started and motivated. thanks for this post and a lil bit if inspiration =]

Anonymous said...

Haha, as soon as I saw that last picture I thought it looked like he was blowing a bubble. So cute!

Congratulations on your sales! If I had my ears pierced I'd buy those acorn earrings in a heartbeat, they're adorable.

Gwiddle said...

Thanks everyone!
Whitney, do you do the eggnog icecream with the pomegranite 7UP? That does sound gross lol, but I LOVE eggnog.

Chelsea, the mum's are 15 mm. :)

Chrissy said...

Cute blog you got here!

Liking the owl on your sidebar ;)

Whitney, Coty, and Mr. Mason said...

yes you combine the 2. it really is delicious and i dont even like egg nog.

Argyle Owl said...

oh my goodness i want those earrings!!
do you trade?

Gwiddle said...

@Argyle Owl

I never have traded before but I like the idea! Do you trade? I would be down!

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