Friday, November 26, 2010

Its Alive!!

Today my power cord finally arrived in the mail.
Can I say that it was one of thee happiest moments of my life?
I have a picture that was lost on my dead laptop from my raking marathon
that I wanted to post. The sky was breathtaking, & we were supposed to be 
getting a HUGE blizzard. FAIL.
At least all of our leaves got raked up right?? UGH.. I really was looking forward to the storm!

So I was going to write a post telling y'all about how grateful I am for my family, husband, dogs, home yadi yada yada.. But I don't want to. Instead I will just post some Thanksgiving day photos of the people/things I am grateful for:
(forgive me if you are not featured, I am only posting pictures of people/things that I took photos of on Thanksgiving)

First off, my hipstamatic app + clothing to wear
 Family & good food.. Take note these are in no particular order of most thankful.
My husband.. Oh and pay no attention to my RAW CHAPPED NOSE!
Hello sickness DAY 9!
I am thankful for this little guy & Sammie but alas no pictures were taken of her on T-day.

CHRISTMAS can now officially be celebrated in my household!
I even went to visit Santa Claus.. He said I was getting EVERYTHING I wanted this year
 & if you need anything special for that someone special check out my etsy shop!
Maybe some cute button earrings??


Bonnie Heather said...

Cute pictures! Glad you had an awesome Thanksgiving. Hahah. You're so cool, I love that you went to see Santa.

wichser studio said...

lovely pictures girl! very cute family. let the christmas festivities begin!

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