Thursday, October 21, 2010

These products are hip.

Remember how I told you I loveeeed candles?? Well I was not lying, this is like a trophy case to me. There really isn't a better way to brighten my mood as well as welcoming a new season than burning a delicious candle. So if you want to get me a present...... Jk sortof
 Isn't this little shelf thing weird? It used to be a doorway but for some reason they decided to make it into a shelf, but it does have some nice qualities about it. Like showing off my husbands pottery skills, and creating a niche for my candles.
 Okay so this always cracks me up my dogs always sit in the sunny spots of my house. What kills me is that, even when there is like an inch of light they still sit there. Could it really be THAT much warmer?? I wish I could be my dogs and lay around the house in different sunny spots.. Oh to have the life of a dog:(
 I love whole foods, I wish that there was a store closer to my home. Besides the prices, they have the best everything, I love the dog bones that they have. They are very sturdy and my dogs can chew on them for a week! Usually the pet store ones will be chewed apart in minutes. In the summer we were having problems with my dog oscar losing his hair, not eating, and having weird poop. We took him to the vet numerous times with no avail. Finally my vet recommend that we take him off of gluten chicken and corn. So we did, and guess what?? Oscar started eating again, and his hair is growing back! Whole foods sells doggy treats that meet all of that criteria. It makes me laugh when I tell people my dogs are on a gluten free diet, because many of them know I am also gluten free. But I swear I don't make my dogs eat gluten free because I can't ;)
 Speaking of whole foods, I found this delicious gluten free bread there. Again it is a little pricey, but it beats Ener-G bread 100 to 1. Oh don't mind the pack of JUMBO corn dogs, my husband has been carting around from house to house from his single days.. For some reason I can't throw them out..
 I am a huge fan of feeding my dogs good food. I feed them solid gold dog food which I love because the first ingredient is meat. It is also packed full of fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish. (the only problem is, it makes their poop stinky! hahah.. TMI i know) The picture is of the Solid Gold Beef Jerky snacks for dogs, It smells delicious. I know it is weird, but sometimes I get tempted to take a bite or two. Hey it's gluten free right??
 Mrs. Meyer is my lover, seriously her products are FAN-TA-STIC! She has a variety of products but my favorites are; the counter top spray, dish soap, and hand soap. Not only do they smell good, they also do not have harsh chemicals, and they leave my kitchen smelling clean:) You can find these products at harmons, bed bath and beyond, and whole foods (my fav).
 Oh Sammie, I love her. When I get home on my lunch break she goes crazy!! She loves rolling around and jumping up on the coffee table, she somehow almost always ends up folding her ears over like this..

I feel like I am in an infomercial.
sorry friends.

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