Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So as many of you know the much anticipated Hobby Lobby  opened yesterday! Wahoo! Anyways, I decided to go to the opening last night so that I could get supplies to make these.

Seriously, I am so excited! I love making the flower roses, I got these images here. I ♥ this blog, there are tutorials for every one of the crafts on the blog. I also like the variety of projects that you can find on their blog. Check it out, it wont dissapoint. (promise!)

Oh yes, back to what I was saying at the beginning of the post, check out the hobby lobby. Also, if anyone wants a 40% off one item coupon, send me your email. 
The coupon is good until 10/23/2010.
(& their grand opening is on 10/18/2010)


thomalee said...

cute! Are you going to make me some things? :)

Brett said...

I wish we had Hobby Lobby here ... I see all their stuff online and I'm sure I would be broke if I ever got to go into one ... I want to see your finished product crafts when you're done. They're cute!

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