Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am obsessed with the Hipstamatic App for the IPhone. These pictures are not the greatest quality due to the fact that I have crazy pets that won't hold still for two seconds. I love the colors in it, I really want to go up to the canyon and take some shots of the trees with this filter.
Buttercup playing with string ♥

                                                            Sammie! She's a crack up
 Okay I am OBSESSED with Salt City Candles I have been looking for the pumpkin spice candle all season with no luck. Today when I got home from work I went to my mom's house, and guess what? She found the candle!! Woot Woot!!!!  Now it officially feels like fall, I have been burning it since I got home and it is delicious. I have five SSC and would recommend every single one of them. Here are the ones that I have and in the order of favorite to least favorite. Christmas Tree, Pumpkin Spice, Fruit  Slices, German Struesal Cake, Peppermint Bark, and I'm sure if I could afford all of them they would all be on the list. IF you have never smelled one of these beauts do yourself a favor, GO GET ONE!
This is my new favorite mirror, and I love the way that this picture is colored. I have been obsessed with decor lately, mirrors and rugs are my new obsession.

                                                                        Sammie girl!
                 Oski eating Aaron's sock, the puppies love to running into our room and coming out with a sock. For some reason they think if they go in there they have to come out with something. These dogs crack me up.
                                            Look its me, being a hipster with my hipstamatic.
                            If you are looking to buy this app I would give it a two thumbs up.. :)

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