Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 9 - Something you're proud of in the past few days.

This one is a tricky one, I'm not a very positive thinking person. If I were to think really hard though I think I could come up with a few.
Isn't the rain so refreshing sometimes? Today has been such a cosy day:)

  • I shaved my legs this morning!! Woot Woot! Seriously, it is a BIG deal to me.
  • I have been crafting product's for my etsy shop all last night and today. 
  • Maybe my goal list from yesterday's post is working!
  • I am proud of my husband, locking himself in our spare room for hours so that he can study his math. Without saying a word about my craft mess or constant Law & Order watching.
I'm not proud of all the chocolate I ate yesterday, but I am proud about waking up this morning and starting a new day. With healthier food choices.

Hopefully I can make more conscious decisions about the positive in my life.

 All morning I have been trying to come up with different owl combinations. Good thing the more I made the better they looked because some of them are scary! Some of them though I am very please with :)
 These are some of the earring packaging that I made to hold them. (still working on the logo)
                                                                     All the gwid-owls
Of course the one closest to the camera is my first one, which is the worst. I Love these though. They all have cookey eyes ♥ I need to take better pictures of the good ones. Tell me what you think:)


Bonnie Heather said...

Are those owl earrings?! Love them!

Angie said...

Cutie owls! Thanks for my pair grizzle.

Amanda & Jeremy said...

I like the rain too! Good goal list! especially to shave those legs! (ps. I have the same problem!)

Taylor said...

i LOVE them!!! owls are such the craze right now, but for a good reason...they are so dang cute! :)

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