Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Family Reunion.

 What Wonderful Weather We've Been Having!!!

Today has been a great day, I love this weather I love the rain, I lovvvvvvvvve fall smells, and most of all I LOVE dogs. Anyways, today my friend/coworker Anina brought her puppy Rascel over for Aaron and I to babysit while her and her husband are off makin' babies in Hawaii. JOKING (maybe not) Rascel just happens to be Sammie's brother from anotha motha...seriously. Aaron and I got Sammie in May, and when Anina saw her she loved the look and the markings of my cute dog so I gave her the website and she ended up going to get Sammies brother.Sammie is so shy of her brother for some reason, every time he comes around her she hides in a corner somewhere. I find this SO adorable. Luckily all three dogs get along great (except for the whole hiding thing)

           FALL IS HERE!
                                                    (and YES I have decorated my house accordingly)
I decided that I would buy myself some halloween decorations this year, you know housewife stuff. I love this jack-0-lantern mosaic vase that I got, and the little kitchen towels (so cute right??) I decided to make some die cuts from my cricut for decor, and im loving them. Also I got a pumpkinspice candle...Could there be any better smell? seriously!Also I bought Sammie and Oscars Halloween costumes already! Okay I confess I actually bought them 2 weeks ago! I can't even imagine how much more exciting it will be for holidays when Aaron and I have human children to shop for!
Happy Fall Everyone!

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Brett said...

Your house looks cute, and that is my all-time favorite candle, which has me wondering where in the world it is and why I haven't been burning it! I'm off to search the basement storage room for it now! Hope all is well with you guys!

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