Thursday, October 6, 2011

Canada in one post.

Like I said with the Singapore photos, I am not much into writing these days.
I give you my vacation in Canada the photo only version.
(with few captions)
 Rafting in the lake with my girl:)
 First Coke Light in Singapore, Now Diete Coke in Canada:) haha

 Waterton Lake
 M. Playing in the lake
 Dad. Grandmother. Me.
Dad. Mom. A. Grandma. G. Shep
 She's an amazing woman.

 Canola Fields

 Baby Hawk

 Bald Eagle

 Little burrowing owls

 Prince of Whales Hotel
 Wow I look amazing after hiking. BARF. haha
 My brother's family

 Sorry for all the photos of the same thing! haha. 
P.S I was asked by the lovely Janette to do a vlog/blog with a Q&A about me.
So if you have any questions for me ask away!
P.S.S. More IPhone photos of Singapore & Canada to come:)


Chrissy said...

Great pics! What a beautiful scenery! Looks like so much fun! And, I love how canola fields looks, but not the smell...haha, we have one right behind our house....yep, the perks of living in the country! haha xxx

jorjiapeach said...

damn. so pretty.

Amylou said...

Ok seriously! I think I spotted Digger and Twilight from the Legend of the Guardians! Am I the only one who loves that movie?
You are so pretty in all of these pics!
And that scenery is breathtaking! I bet the air smelled so wonderful!
Plus I kind of want to squeeze that baby dear! so adorable!
What a great trip!

my questions:

favorite movies?
favorite thing to crochet?
are you ever tempted to get another puppy?! ;)

With Love, Jamie said...

Aww great photos! Your grandma is so cuuute hehe & so are those owls!

la petite lydia said...

Love the photos! It looks like you had a grand time. And the birds. LOVE. They all look so majestic.

Hmm question...can you guess what mine is? I'm sure you can.

What is your favourite book? Why?
What is your favourite genre? Why?
Who is your favourite author? Why?


Eva said...

great photo of you and your grandma :)

looking forward to seeing your vlog! hmm..a question. How did you decide on what kind of puppies to get?

ms.composure said...

LOVING the follower!

Janette said...

Ok.. So you have a fantastic set of photos right here.. the bird ones are fantastic and the landscape ones are incredible..but my fave fave favorite one is the one of you and your grammy! SOOO SWEET! I don't have grammies.. They died before I was born... But seeing pictures like this one make me want a grammy...

Janette, the Jongleur

PS. Here's my questions!
1. When are you having babies? Or do you want babies?
2. What's your biggest fear?
3. Are we besties or what? lol
4. What's your dream job?

Like how I just threw the besties question in there all nonchalant??

elisabeth | thimbles + things said...

i love waterton!
i took my husband there for the first time last year + he was so in love.

happy (early) thanksgiving!

taryn said...

canada looks awesome! i wish our family went on family vacas like that!

you got some awesome pictures! i love the little burrowing owls! so cute!

Charis said...

Wow some of your photographs are seriously good... the owl & butterfly shots are great!

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