Thursday, June 9, 2011

Say a prayer for my girl.

This morning I woke up and got ready for work.
I went to the living room and gave Sammie a kiss and told her I loved her.
My husband took her to the vet for her spaying appointment at 8:00.
I went to work, worrying all day about how my little girl was doing.
At around 1:30 I texted my husband to see if the vet had called him yet.
He replied: No
An hour later I texted again.
Still  nothing.
I started to get frantic.. but Aaron said that he was sure she was fine.
2 hours later and still no call, I was in panic mode.
Finally Aaron called the vet.
He checked her and said: "she's a little groggy but fine."
He told us we could pick her up at 5.
So of course right after work I rushed to be at my little girls side.
When I got there they took me back into a room.
I waited for about 10 minutes, when the vet tech brought her in.
Her eyes were all watery and I could tell she had been crying.
Her eyelids were slightly swollen but I thought nothing of it.
So I paid and took her home.
Soon after getting home, I noticed her eyes and mouth began to swell.
I freaked, and decided to take her back to the vet.
By the time I was half way there her eyes were completely swelled shut, her snout was 4 times its usual size and her ears and body were covered in hives. I started panicking even more and called my sister sobbing. When I got to the vets office they told me she was having a severe reaction to something.
We assumed it was her vaccinations.
 Poor thing
Anyways long story short, the vet gave her a shot and then sat me down to talk.
Apparently the medicine they gave her to stop the reaction, does not mix with the pain meds they gave me to take home. 
He then told me that we couldn't give her any pain meds tonight or tomorrow. 
My poor girl just had a hysterectomy and your telling me she can't have any pain meds??
My husband rushed from work to the vets to find me in tears and Sammie so swollen she was unrecognizable. 
Anyways, she is home now. 
 Swollen and in pain:(

 All of those bumps on her ear are hives.
{Oscar instantly got by her side and held her hand}
She is having a hard time getting comfortable and every now and then she will let out the saddest whine you've ever heard.
I know she is in pain, and it kills me.
She is still so swollen:(
Tomorrow morning we are supposed to call the vet and let him know how she did over night.
Please send us good thoughts, that she may be in as little pain as possible. 
I appreciate all of the love and support from everyone.
I know to some it might seem silly..
But my dogs mean everything to me.


Amylou said...

Gosh I'm so so sorry! Girl! I can't imagine. I would freak out too. I'm glad you rushed her to the vet so they could figure it out and give her the shot. That's very scary!
I'm really glad that she is ok now and I can tell her swelling has gone down in the last photos. I can't even believe those hives!!! Lily had nothing like that. I've never even heard of it happening before.
I hope she can rest. I'm glad she has little Oscar to keep her company too. He's a good brother.
Take care girl. Sending vitual hugs and praying for your pup!

amyschmamey said...

Oh my gosh this just breaks my heart. I can't even imagine how you must have felt. Your poor Sammie. I really hope she gets all better soon and that she doesn't have too much pain. I am so sorry for you and your precious baby dog. :( I'm just sad for you.

AmyLee said...

oh poor poor sweet girl!! she looks so much better now that she's at home then she did in that picture at the vet's office w/ the swollen eyes & snout. i hope her pain goes away quickly!!

Janette said...

Poor poor little pup.. Feel so bad for her.. Praying for quick recovery...No pain meds??????! CRAZY!!

Kandice said...

i just watched the secret life and now i'm reading this :( :( i had to come see how things went, i saw you said something about posting tonight about your baby girl. i'm glad she's okay and i'm so sorry she can't have any meds. that's TERRIBLE! beyond terrible.

i can't get over how SWEET the paw holding is. that's real stuff and it's awesome and it's so cute. this might sound weird but it seems like it would be pretty nice to have a dog best friend there with her. someone who might understand (i guess) more than a human. idk

i hope everything gets better SOON. i'll be thinking about you four <3

Lei said...

Oh your poor Sammie! I hope she feels better soon!

Eva said...

Ohhh poor thing!!
She will get through this, though, it will just a take a few days.
Seriously as soon as I got home tonight I went straight to my computer, I had to know how she was!

You're such a good..what's the word...doggie mommy? They are so lucky to have you caring for them :)

Katie said...

Awww baby girl! I wish I could hug her. She's a champ for going the night with no pain meds. Most humans can't even do that.
I'm definitely saying a little prayer for Sammie.
It's so sweet that Oscar is keeping her company!

Another Diamond Day said...

I am so sorry to hear this! I hope your baby will get better soon!

Thinking of you! xox

Shewearscrazywell said...

As a dog mommy of five, I am so there with you. I was crying so hard, looking at her little face in those pic's. I love you guys so much, and i know she will heal soon and this will all be a distant memory. I always have to watch mine because mini doxies and chihuahua's can have that reaction. It is actually why we choose to not have Little Ding Dings (the tiniest chiweenie ever) spayed. She hardly goes into heat anyhow, and all our male dogs are fixed. The one where you doggies are holding paws...totally made me cry again! I love you guys...hang in there..and it will be better soon. Hearts, Janna Lynn

camille yanair said...

sending prayers your way. i know how hard we love our furbabies so this is tough :(

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Oh no! I hope she'll get better again and soon! Great to see how supportive your other dog is though.

Good luck with everything! And let us know when you know more!

Ashley said...

Aw, sweetie I am so sorry! My eyes are all teary just thinking about her. I know what it's like to have a dog in pain and it is so heartbreaking. My thoughts are with you two!

taryn said...

awww. i'm glad she's going to be okay :) she kinda looked cute all swollen but i know it's not meant to be cute!!!

it melts my heart seeing oscar by her side holding hands. probably the sweetest thing i've ever seen.

and i don't think you're crazy at all. when you don't have real children, dogs/cats/pets ARE your children. I GET IT. i would have been freaking out too...thankfully all the procedures my dogs have had have all went smoothly...there was a time when liam was having issues with luxating patellas on both back legs and they thought he was going to need surgery but i just fattened him up and i think that made his knees stronger...i was freaking a little about the thought of orthopedic surgery on him because it's often a fail - cause more harm than good - kind of procedure.

hoping for a speedy recovery!!!

Emily B said...

I have totally been there, though with a cat not a dog, and instead of getting the cat spayed he had a cat version of a stroke. Talk about terrifying!! Poor Sammie, she looks so sad. :( I hope she feels better soon and that those dern doctors give her the pain meds she needs/deserves! Thinking and praying for her (and you!).

Lillian said...

Poor little Sammie. After telling you that everything would be fine I feel awful!! I hope she heals up quickly!!

If it helps any, most of my animals have gone through these surgeries and never had pain meds. It wasn't till the last three had the surgery that I was given pain meds for them. By the time you can give her pain meds she may be past the point of needing them.

I'm praying for her. And for you. I know how I feel when my babies are sick or hurt so I can imagine how you are feeling.

With Love, Jamie said...

Aww poor baby!! I will say a little prayer for her for sure! I'm so sorry you are all going through a stressful time...

Amanda said...

My prayers and thoughts are with you all! I'm sure she appreciates having such a caring and concerned mom!

The Prairie Hen said...

wow. Literally crying as I read this. I will be praying for you and your sweet pup. I had 2 wiener dogs growing up and they hold a special place in my heart. ♥

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

My eyes are literally watering up right now. Poor baby, I'm sooo sorry she's in pain. My dogs mean everything to me too, so I know how you are feeling. I cried when I had to drop one off to get spayed. I couldn't imagine not giving her pain medicine.

bebe bird beck said...

Aww sweet girl, im so sorry! Watching your pups in pain is one of the saddest things ever. I bawled when my both my pups had to be fixed. Saddest thing ever, and the hives and swollenness.. poor baby. Hope she is feeling much better now.

Fin Ryder said...

I followed the events on twitter, but reading your post had me on the verge of tears. I've been thinking of your little baby and hoping she is getting good rest with little pain.

Liz said...

AWWWW :( :( :( :(
I followed on twitter, but this is just so sad!!!
How is she now??????
If anything happened to my babies I'd be heartbroken :( :(:( I'm so sorry, Heidi!!!!

Cole said...

Oh no, I hope she is doing better by now. I absolutely hate when things are wrong with our dogs, they are really our babies.
I hope she's doing better by now!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

OH NO! This really makes me so super sad. Bless her little heart! I hope that she is feeling much better by now! Those pictures break my heart. Dogs are so much a part of the family, it is terrifying when something bad happens. :(

Gale said...

This is so late but, I'm really sorry you went through this. I remember last winter when our dog, Uno, was in the hospital for something to do with his stomach and he wasn't eating for days. It was really terrifying. These photos of poor Sammie were so sad to see.

But from your tweet updates, I'm very very happy to hear that she is better:) I hope your stresses you mentioned the other day are also all at bay now. Take care girl!

Kate said...

aww poor baby. I hope she's feeling better by now. I have a little dog that reacts to everything! every time she gets a shot, she has a reaction :( Good luck with your little guys <3

Brett said...

Oh Heidi! I just read this post and it's breaking my heart! I hope Sammie is okay! She looks so sad and I honestly teared up looking at the pictures. :( Poor little girl

Alycia ( said...

i feel so bad for sammie! is she ok now? i know how scary it is to have something happen to your fur baby. they are like our babies :( hope everything is ok!

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