Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sun child

Over the last week or so, Utah has been so dreary and wet. 
I don't even think I saw the sun peak through the clouds for almost a week.
Today... IT APPEARED, at first I though it was the Rapture coming. 
Anyways.. I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and go to my brother's house
{to lay out in his quite large backyard}
One of my nieces had a sleepover with my mom last night so she was there.
We layed out for quite a bit, fingers crossed that I got some sun!
 My nieces had a picnic.
 Strawberries & Mangoes
 These are my fav target sunglasses... I broke them today, which would be the 2nd pair I've had of these. :(
 She wanted me to take a picture of her staring blankly.. haha. Kids are weird. ;)
 Mum & louie
 Finally my porcelain skin is getting some sun!
 The sun was SO bright!
Can you see my awkward white foot? 

 UGH I miss these freaking sunglasses.
 After about 45 minutes or so of hanging out in the backyard, I remembered that Old Navy was having their $1 flip flop sale today! WOOHOO. So me the nieces and my mom headed up to Orem to get us some. The kids section was almost bare, so instead of getting the $1 ones, we opted for some cute print ones for $2.50 still a deal. After Old Navy we headed to Sonic for happy hour. 
All I can say is it was a glorious sunny day:) 

Don't worry mine is just a huge ice water. No pop day 15.  
 Hey I finally got the crazy one to let me take a photo ;)
The girls with their drinks and new flip flops. 
 She's obviously proud:)
I hope that it doesn't rain all next week like it supposed to, it brings my mood way down.
I hope y'all had a great weekend!


Liz said...

Aww how fun :)
What cute pictures!! You look fahhhbulous, dahhlingg

amylou said...

Yay for sunlight! Loving your photos and your nieces are so cute! Looks like it was nice relaxing day! Hope the rest of your weekend is awesome!

Amylou said...

Yay for sunlight! Loving your photos and your nieces are so cute! Looks like it was nice relaxing day! Hope the rest of your weekend is awesome!

Eva said...

so cute with the flip flops!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i'm sorry about the sunglasses. they looked so cute on you!

also, my boys need that wooden swing set for our yard. :)

taryn said...

i want a pair of the pink flamingo flippy floppies! i hope they have them in my size! i tried the 1$ flip flop sale a few years ago and it sucked. i vowed that day never to do it again...crowds really drive me crazy!

tip - you shouldn't tan with your shades on, lol you'll get an awesome tan line!

way to go on 15 days without soda! you're a rockstar!!! are you incredibly skinny yet?!

Chrissy said...

Cute pics! And you look gorgeous!! Happy Sunday girl xxx

Katie said...

You've inspired me! I need to go on a picnic. I have no excuse since it's almost always sunny here (except last week when it was rainy).
Mangoes and strawberry-the BEST combination ever. Except I like to add bananas.
You need to come out here and tan your feet girl!

with a chance of said...

what a fun photo afternoon!! i'm a little jealous of the strawberries and mangos... sounds sooo good!

nikkibit said...

Time to get a 3rd pair, those are cute glasses on you! I also love louie's glasses too!!

amyschmamey said...

AWesome! Great pics. Looks like a wonderful relaxing day. Yeah, I didn't even think about darkening the door of Old Navy the day of their $1 flip flop sale. I figured I'd waist my time anyway because they would all be picked over. ha.

Ashley said...

Such fun photos of the sunshine time! I love those Target sunglasses (R.I.P!)

This makes me want to go lay out in my yard with a bowl of strawberries. YUM.

Janette said...

Awww! What a precious day! Those nieces of yours are so cute! Hey..Wasn't the grass wet from the rain? Just curious..cause I think about stuff like that..Oh and we are sunglasses twinsies! I have that exact pair! I'm on my second pair...I broke my first pair...Luckily I had a backup...bought 2 just in case...Except your sunglasses look wayy cooler cause I have a big ol' Oh well...

Janette, the Jongleur

Gale said...

1. You're the funnest aunt ever I bet:)
2. Sorry to hear about your glasses:(
3. Congrats on the no soda! That's great to hear!

Paigeepee. said...

I love ALL your new pictures i'm so glad you got to get this new camera!! it does such excellent things :) i miss you heidi!!

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