Sunday, May 8, 2011

Playing Catch-Up {1 Year Anniversary+30th birthday bash}

Sickness, birthdays, Anniversary, graduation, and Mother's Day Have been occupying my time the last week or two. 
I hope to catch up with several blog posts tonight..
Here Goes:

Last Sunday {May First} Aaron and I celebrated our one year {marriage} anniversary! We were going to go to Moab for our anniversary but due to the stomach flu and short staff at work, It was not feasible. So we decided to play it simple. 
We went to IKEA to get a frame and then went up to Sugar house to run some errands. We got frozen yogurt at TCBY, and then went to petco & BB&B.
Then we went to dinner at the Garden Cafe. 
{at the Grand America Hotel}

 I always love the flowers they have there. Rennuculous' are one of my favourite flowers<3
 This Chandelier always makes me swoon! 
 If you know me you know that I am pretty well a vegetarian. I loathe meat. This restaurant is one of the very few that I order meat. Seriously the most delicious food I have ever tasted! This was the New York Strip, with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, and Pesto sauce. MMM MMM.
 Seriously, if you live in Utah and have never been here.. Your missing out.
Aaron got some sort of Fettuccine Alfredo chicken dish. 
He said it was the best he has ever had.
The Garden Cafe is where Aaron and I ate the night of our engagement. It is also where we had our wedding luncheon, so it is a pretty special place for us.
After our dinner we headed over to my older sister Kate's, for her 30th birthday bash!
 Little sister, Big sister, Natalie.
 I made Nat throw balloons at me while I photographed her. I'm sure she will love this.
 Intense conversations.

 Kate had a lot of pretty flowers in her house. These were in her bathroom.
 I loved this cactus box she had in her living room.
 Little sister partyin' it up!
 Bobbie being her cute little self.
 Kate's awesome condo, I wish I lived here!

 Playing games. 

 This is what 1 year old gluten free wedding cake looks like.
 It was really, a beautiful cake. I need to get the {original cake} photos of it up on here for reference.
 I actually didn't mind it if you got it warm enough ;)
 I love my husband!
 We brought the dogs home a little toy and some treats. Oscar had just thrown his toy out of view in this photo.
 Sammie was in love with her toy.
The flowers Aaron picked for me from our yard<3 
Sorry for the picture overload! I have so much to catch up on! 
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


Kandice said...

happy one year anniversary!! now sean and i have to go to grand america hotel. i've never even thought to go... is it really expensive or?? and where is it? just downtown or something??

Katie said...

I'm sooo glad you are back! I wondered what had happened to you haha. But life is more important than blogging, that's for sure.
Congrats on your one year of marriageeee! I'm so jealous of the food you had. I'm sorta like you, I never order meat at a restaurant, but I would definitely order that If I ever went there.
Dang, your sister graduated AND had a birthday? She probably got some serious dough this month ;) haha glad you are back!

blue eyed night owl said...

Happy anniversary! And your plans still sound great. Hope everyone's feeling all better now!
The food looks delicious and all the flowers you posted are beautiful.

Your sisters house is awesome! And that cactus box:) And even an owl!

with a chance of said...

You've been a busy lady! I'm glad you've been having a nice time though, dispit illness and busy-ness. I'm in love with rennuculous flowers right now! I jsut discovered them they are so so beautiful! I'm pretty jealous of your sisters condo! The flowers, space and decor... AMAZING!!!

Gale said...

Happy 1 year anniversary to you and Aaron:):)

I love your sis' condo...looked like a fun bash too! You look happy with that cake hehe. You are a cutie!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i NEED that chandelier!

Blace said...

Happy everything! This post succeeded in making be very hungry.

With Love, Jamie said...

Nice to catch up with you friend!! :) I missed ya ;)
Looks like some really fun times & yuuuummy food!
xo, Jamie

~April~ said...

Awe, I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! I'm so behind on my blog reading... Love all the pics of the flowers. So pretty!! :)

amyschmamey said...

Holy pictureful blog! ha ha ha. Looks like great times were had, and yes, that condo looks so comfy. Love the decore. Happy birthday to your sis. Your food pics are driving me insane. I LOOOOOVE food right now.

Amylou said...

DUUUDE! Your anniversary meal looks divine! Srsly!
And those are gorgeous flowers!
Your wedding cake looks like it was very pretty. I would love to see more photos of it! We didn't save ours. We ate it the week after! Haha!
I love Sammie's kong toy! Those are lifesavers for us!
Very pretty flowers!
Looks like you guys had a great anniversary!

Danielle said...

Too too sweet. Congratulations on your one year. And uh that year old cake looks amazing!

Ashley said...

What a FUN post. And, ummmm, I don't even know Kate, but I want to live in her awesome place, too. WOW I am dying over her cute little decorations...especially those vintage blocks! COOL!

Eva said...

that food looks soo good. happy belated anniversary to you two :)

Knitful Dezigns said...

Awww ive missed reading your posts jeje How fun it looks like you had a great anniversary! I wish you both the best <3

Those cacti are seriously super cuteee love em.

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Happy Anniversary! We tried our one-year old cake last year and it was pretty gross lol!

Anniversary flowers said...

very good good images.........

taryn said...

this is ultra late but happy 1 year anniversary! that dinner looked delish! we have a place called the garden cafe in omaha but it not nearly as fancy as that garden cafe!

and your sisters house/apt looks sooo schnazzy!

fun times!

Amanda said...

oww the one year! that was a good time for us too! Marshall (my husband) was working out of town so i drove the 4 hours, surprised him and got us a b&b for the night. it was a load of fun and someone bought us a cake and had it waiting for us at the b&b, it was really sweet.

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