Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Arizona Part Une: Animals

This weekend Aaron and I had the opportunity to go down to Scottsdale, AZ to visit my brother and his family. The weather was perfect, the dogs were great, and we had an amazing weekend.
I will be posting about Arizona in a few different blog posts. 
You know.. So I can stretch out material to blog about for a couple days.
The first "installment" on Arizona will be about My nephews animals.
Animal One: 
A nasty corn snake.. 
 Of course my husband was fascinated. I on the other hand was trying to keep my lunch down. I hate things without legs. YUCK. He thinks he's going to get one someday.. Dream on!
Snake eating it's lunch. 
Animal Number 2:
Some sort of lizard thing
 He just eats crickets, I can manage that. 
I would like to pretend I'm not afraid of this guy as well.. But as soon as he turned and started running towards me I fled screaming.
 Which he responded by sticking out his tongue. REAL MATURE.
Animal Number 3:
Turtle. Okay I love turtles, this is probably one of the coolest creatures ever.
My husband could have one of these.. If he wanted.
 It took him so long to come out. He's getting really really big!
Just eatin' broccoli NBD.
Check out his sweet broc-o-beard!
Well that is all on the animals of Arizona! haha. At least the ones living in my brothers house.. I guess they also have a dog, a fish, and a mouse not pictured.
Cool right?
I hope you had a great Memorial day weekend!
BRB with more on AZ.


Katie said...

Oh I hate snakes too. My boyfriend thinks he's getting one someday too but, boy, is he wrong! I actually don't like reptiles at all... I would be very afraid to stay at your brother's house haha. I'm glad you're back :D

kenzie said...

as always, great photos. looks like yall had fun!
oh man, im so behind on my blogs. miss you sisssstahhh! come up and visit me. now. k thanks.

Janette said...

You don't like creatures without legs?!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAH! That made me laugh friend! You've got some great pics of these creepy animals...good job! I like turtles...They seem nice... And I like how you are gonna stretch out the AZ material for a few days..lol..That's what I did for my SD trip... I like your wise blogger ways! Have a great day...err...night!
Janette the Jongleur

Ashley said...

AAACK! That snake eating seriously just gave me a major case of the heebie jeebies. YUCKY!

taryn said...

this is an awful post! haha, nothing against you! i hate these creepy crawlies! the pictures of the snake eating made me instavom. it's an awesome picture though.

the turtle is cute but still gross...i hate how turtles eat...their tongues are so disgusting.

i am not a reptile person. no one will ever talk me into having any of these types of creatures as pets.

i can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!

With Love, Jamie said...

OOOOh the turtle! I love him! That last photo is the cutest thing ever! :)
Arizona is pretty nice...I went there in August though and it was sooo hot! But they have the prettiest sunsets :)
I missed you blogging sweet friend!

Shewearscrazywell said...

I must admit...I look just like our turtle friend up there when I eat broccoli..hee hee hee! :) I love your pictures...you are sooooo good at it! :) I really thought it was a great picture...even though the mean snake is devouring a lizard, which is something I don't do...well...yet. :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

Liz said...

oOOOOMG. I want a turtle!! I've been craving (??) one foreverrrrr. Not to eat. For a pet. Duh.
Anyway, I want to name it Rupert Giles.
blah blah blah
Glad you had fun!

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

very cool! I hope my future kids never want a snake lol

Amylou said...

I'm super creeped out by everything but the turtle! LOL
Hope you had a great trip dear!

la petite lydia said...

SOOO cool! The turtle is awesome.

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