Friday, April 1, 2011

April's for fools.

The weather has been so beautiful the past two days.
All of the plants are starting to pop out of the ground.
The flower's are starting to bloom & nothing makes me happier.
 Well almost nothing.
What color would you say my eyes are? I have never been able to choose one.
 We have been soaking in the sun constantly.
 Tomorrow the pups and I are going to go on a looooooooooong walk. 
So let's hope the weather holds now that I am off work and can actually enjoy it.
What plans do you have for tomorrow?
I still haven't been able to get a good picture of myself.. I am very picky though.;)
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
I'm off to do the stupid shred!
P.S. Tomorrow I will be writing a post about my favorite April fools jokes that my adorable little momma used to try and pull on us kids.


Kandice said...

your eyes are AWESOME! seriously :)

Blace said...

Isn't spring time great? I love the picture of you in the mirror.

renee kristine said...

u, weird... so i was just mapping out a walk i want to take tomorrow with oliver.. stop at some garage sales.. maybe the park.. it's a loooong walk! we're too the same! how's the shred? i did 4 day, got sick and stopped. boo hiss

amyschmamey said...

We have very similar eyes only mine are green with the golden brown around the pupil. :). Hazel FTW.

Deanna said...

what color are your eyes?

ummm...gorgeous. obviously.

With Love, Jamie said...

Your eyes are the color BEAUTIFUL! ;) When I was younger, my eyes were they are just blah-brown... ;)
I love that little black mirror on your wall!

Katie said...

i'd say they are greyish blue? haha idk but they are pretty!
we've been having icky weather here. like 90 degrees. I wish I could be where you live!
i love your new layout, beeteeedub

REINA said...

- its nice that spring is coming there. here, its summer already.

- i think the color of your eyes is hazel brown with green pigments?

- cute dogs!

Shewearscrazywell said...

I am so digging your pictures! Your eyes are a beautiful blue green blend! Wow!!! Sooo pretty. Your doggies are so adorable...they'd get along splendidly with my bunch :) Have a great weekend! Hearts, Janna Lynn

kenzie said...

love the new blog look!
how is the shred going? fill me in here. also, i'm so glad to see you are enjoying your camera! so cute! happy sppprriiingggg, girlie!

with a chance of said...

One I love your new layout! It's very spring <3 Two, you're eyes are gorgeous!! We took a drive up to Canyon Lake, AZ today, probably should have taken out pup but we didn't stay long. We're hoping to make it a weekending things. I hope you're having a lovely Saturday!!! <3

enie meenie said...

I'd say your eyes are... honeybluesicle. :)

I am still in love with your weiner, her diaper brings me to happy tears haha :))))

Chrissy said...

Love the new look and all the great pics over here!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs xxx

Amylou said...

My eyes are hazel! Your kind of look grey in the middle though. So gorgeous!
I'm loving the pup pictures! Geez they are so cute! I like that pic of you. Very cute scrunchy face!
And I love the new blog look!!!

taryn said...

are your eyes blue with yellow or is that grey with yellow? or am i totally wrong, lol. mine a blue with yellow around the pupil.

how long is your babe gonna be on the rag? i'm so glad i'm not a dog. :)

Cat said...

Aw....I hope you and the pup have a nice, long walk together :) Can't wait to hear about the "tom foolery" April Fool's Day jokes! xx Cat

Janette said...

AHHH! Love you photo taking squinty face! CU-UTE! And your eyes are the color beautiful! Duh! Love love loving the pics you're taking! keep 'um coming! (Makes me wish I had pups to photograph...Lovey is tired of me taking pictures of him..) lol

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Love the new blog header. The first picture of your dog is soooooo cute!

Your eyes look somewhat greenish blue, so pretty!

Brett said...

If you figure out what colour your eyes are, please let me know. Mine are pretty much the same. Must be genetic or something! :)

Alycia ( said...

oh my, your dachshund's little arms and paws are especially cute!! how sweet<3

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