Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wii are cool.

This weekend has been pretty low-key for us. 
I made gluten free pizza last night for dinner and then Aaron and I played Super Mario Bros. for the Wii while the puppies slept on our laps.
We played the Wii until about 9:35 when suddenly I had an intense craving for a gf cupcake. 
So Aaron and I quickly got on our shoes and ran out the door.
{they close at ten}
We barely made it in time and I ended up getting not 1 but 2 cupcakes! Coconut & Red Velvet YUM!
Diet fail for sure. I hurt my back the other day so I have taken a break from the shred for the past two days. I am starting over tomorrow on day 1. This time I vow to eat better so I will actually get good results. 
{a picture of Sam sleeping while we played Wii<3}
This morning when I woke up the sun was shining. This was a pleasant surprise as the weather forecast called for snow. I decided to take the opportunity and leash the pups up and take a walk. 
Good thing we went when we did because it did rain a little while later. It was beautiful when we were out and the dogs had a great time exploring. I like to let them walk me when we go out. It is so intriguing to me to see where they lead me:)
After our walk we relaxed for pretty much the rest of the day.
Sam's diaper still cracks me up.
Today while I was driving, I noticed that the flowers in front of my brother's house had started to bloom. 
I got really excited and went straight home to my backyard to see if my plants and bloomed. Guess what?! One had! I love spring flowers so beautiful<3
You may not know this about me but I used to be a make-up artist. 
This is why I wanted to go cosmetology school in the first place.  I was very disappointed mind you, as the make-up program was horrible. Last year before my wedding I started getting hives all over my eyelids when I would put on eye shadow. Or any kind of make-up on my lids. This was so frustrating. I felt hideous and naked without wearing it. I had to search high and low for new make-up products. Being a M.A.C girl through and through this was tricky for me. 
I found a few brands I liked but none compared with M.A.C. 
I decided to do my make-up tonight, as it has been over a year since my allergic reactions. 
So far, so good. Fingers crossed!
I have an extensive make-up collection, so hopefully I will be able to tolerate it.
I need to get back out there and start doing make-up on other people again! 
I was always doing my friends, sisters, and nieces make-up. 
I miss that.
I really wish that I had a better camera! My tax return still hasn't come.
I hope that you all have had a lovely weekend!
I am going up to Salt Lake tomorrow to KOI to get my rook done! 
I am so so so excited. 
And nervous/anxious
See you all tomorrow!


Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Poor Sam in that diaper!! Kinda cute though.

Your eyes look so pretty! I wish I could do that. I need someone to do my makeup. I actually did mine tonight too just because I got a sample of foundation from Sephora and I was bored.

I'm going to do a blog on all the makeup I'm trying. I'm switching from mineral makeup to liquid foundation.

What kind of foundation do you use?

amyschmamey said...

Wowee look at that make up. You are so pretty to begin with. You sure do look gorgeous with your make up all done and pretty. :).

Another Diamond Day said...

I hope your back is getting better! BTW I love your make up!

Do you have an email address? I need to ask you a question, mine is


Ashley said...

You should come do my makeup. Because outside of mascara and eyeliner, I'm clueless. ;]

You look lovely dear!

taryn said...

i have a rook industrial <3

good luck today getting your piercing! very exciting! i've been contemplating something myself but sometimes i feel too old for piercings...ugh

have a nice day!

Deanna said...

you look gorgeous!

peppy and i are big wii dorks as well. we often put wagers on bowling.

Blace said...

I love the way you're wearing your eyeliner. It really brings out your eyes.

Janette said...

The diaper on the pup IS way funny! I chuckle when I see it...And holy moly! You are one premium beautypie friend! With or without makeup!

~April~ said...

Oh, you look so pretty! :) I love experimenting with make-up but I suck at it... It's still fun though!

la petite lydia said...

You're so pretty with or without makeup! I love what you did with your makeup. I'm a "pretend" makeup artist. I have everything to be one and trained with some theatre people who knew all kinds of tricks. But I never went to school for it.

I am totally a M.A.C. girl through and through too, but recently Sephora has introduced me to some awesome things that aren't M.A.C.

I love makeup even if I don't wear it a lot. And I love to do crazy things with it! Hooray for makeup!

Katie said...

hehehe your puppies, i love them! they look like the perfect duo.
i love your make up darlin'! I always love it when my friend does my make up. I'm not much of an eye make up wearer, but I do love bare escentuals eye make up. Hopefully your allergic reaction doesn't come back!

Chrissy said...

You look amazing with makeup! Awesome! Can you come and do my makeup? haha
Happy Monday sweetie xxx

Amylou said...

You guys looks so cute! I kind of miss our wii now, but I like to play Little Big Planet with Steven. We have too much fun!
Sweet little Sammie! When will she be able to take it off?
Oh are those the ones you thought were tulips? I wonder what kind of flower that is? It's so pretty!
Geez! Your makeup looks amazing! I wish I could do mine that that! And dude...can I say this without it being weird, because it sooo isnt weird....You have gorgeous lips! Seriously!!! (oknowIfeelawkward) LOL
Good luck on the piercing!

With Love, Jamie said...

You are sooo pretty friend!
Pleeeaaase come to Cali...& do my makeup too! ;)

Diana Smith said...

I need to try out these cupcakes!! they sound really tasty!!

Eva said...

what is a rook piercing? I will have to google this.
Also, maybe if you try an all-natural eye shadow it won't cause a reaction? I'm sure the quality won't be the same though

Liz said...

GAH we got snow last night :( I'm so mad.
And I love the Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You seriously need to come to Missouri and hang out with Amy, Lydia and me. Especially me. Just sayin'.
Then you can do my makeup for me!!! Holy SHI you look gorgeous! You always do, but your makeup looks lovely. I suck at doing my makeup.

Knitful Dezigns said...

Your makeup looks soo gorgeous <3 I love it... You should do video tutorials or something :) YAY jejeje and the puppies are adorable as always <3

Shewearscrazywell said...

You look lovely in makeup..but I also like you without! :) I too have developed an eye all makeup types. Weird...and I used to do make up for Chanel. Weird...again. Ha ha! I love the puppy pics! I want cupcakes too now, but we don't have a spiffy place that makes them nearby :(...the grocery store ones are blech. I shall vicariously live through you (at least you work out before eating them...I wouldn't hee hee hee). Have a great week! Hearts, janna lynn

Ms.Domo Roboto said...

Your make-up looks lovely! your puppy is too cute for words!!! happy monday!

Fin Ryder said...

Lovely eye makeup! You look gorgeous. So cool you can pull off that shade of lipstick - love it! I hope you haven't had any reactions to the makeup you used :)

I share your excitement about the flowers popping up here and there - We have crocuses on our lawn. So purple and pretty.

As always - your puppies are adorables.

What other Wii games do you play? Besides Mario Bros. - Donkey Kong and Harry Potter Lego are my favourites :)

Have a nice day tomorrow!!

AmyLee said...

umm, am i a dork for not knowing what a rook is? and your tax return still hasn't come?? boo! and yes, spring flowers are the BEST!

chloe.anne said...

I hope your skin holds up!, your make up looks amazing!, love the pink lip stick :)and your doggys are just so cuuuuute.

Gale said...

Hey you gorgeous girl!! I love when you post random facts up about yourself. You're so good at hair and makeup it seems. So cool. I hope you get the results you want with no allergic reactions. I've always heard M.A.C is the way to go from my two cousins who chose that brand from the rest. I'm very interested.

Also I don't think I can ever get over how cute your little pups are! I adore that photo of them sitting side by side on the bed, Sammie's diaper and all haha.

So happy to see Spring blossoming by you... here too! YAY. Also, happy to hear that the rook wasn't bad at all:)

Kandice said...

moab was fantaaaastic! thank you for the sweet comment. i hope you get to go to moab soon!!

i own an nes system so we play mario bros 3 all the time and LOVE it!! mario's the best :)

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

What makeup brands ended up not irritating your skin? That sounds so frustrating. I love the lipstick/gloss you have on in these pictures. PS-now I'm craving a cupcake! :)

Ashley said...

Wii, Puppies, and Cupcakes? That is THE perfect night. :)

Also, I die for that lip color you are wearing in the makeup pics. HOTNESS!

bebe bird beck said...

Hey, way to be super gorgeous.
I lovee doing makeup too and almost went to cosmetology school, but decided against it. I just stick with doing my families and friends.
I'm jealous of your makeup collection though! I can never bring myself to splurge on MAC even though its my favorite. I have like 4. haha

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