Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Today, Weigh In Wednesday is going to be a little bit different. I was running behind this morning so I did not have a chance to weigh. I drank a TON of pop at work and I did not get to come home for my lunch break. So I will have to skip the weighing part this week.
Sorry, boring post we all know you only come here on Wednesday to see if I am skinnier yet, or just packin' on the pounds.
Instead today I am going to "weigh in" on something else. Recently while browsing through a fellow bloggers blog I came across the 30 day shred, by Jillian Michaels. After seeing the before and after posts I decided to give it a try! Oh and you can get them for free on demand right now! WOOT WOOT. 
Check out Renee's post here
Here is my question to y'all. Am I the only one who tips over while stretching? OR who inhales and exhales at the wrong times? Also I tend to always be doing the movements opposite of what the instructor is doing. Seriously, I have major coordination issues. 
Well I'm off to shred. haha.
Have a wonderful night<3


Katie said...

i just had all you can eat sushi for dinner. definitely not even going near the scale tonight haha

Eva said...

how difficult is the shred really? i'm interested in trying it but i'm afraid i'm way too much of a beginner for it. i don't want to end up giving up halfway through the first day..

Knitful Dezigns said...

ooooo i want to try this soo bad :) the before and afters are amazing!!!! Good luck to you hun xoxo

kenzie said...

OOOooo i have also heard good things about the shred. let me know how it goes.
i didn't lose anything this week. i blame the booze this weekend and my utter lack of motivation. not every week is a good week and this week sucked.
at least i didnt gain.
so its okay to skip a week.
well. well well.
ok i dont know where i'm going with this. im tired :( is it friday yet?

Paigeepee. said...

heeeeyy i have the Jillian Michaels workout set and i LOVE it. so I'm sure the 30 day shred will be awesome :) she just has a way of keeping you motivated! ....but i do opposite of what they do all the time... hahaha i'm seriously SO clumsy

Nicole said...

There were some great before & after's in that post! I think I'll be trying out the 30 day shred soon!

renee kristine said...

whoooa that's me! awesome, thank you! putting my fat ass out there in all it's glory!

oh and stretching.. puh-lease! trying to hold my foot while i'm flamingo style... not happening. my balance is shit. and i do everything else wrong.. good thing she corrects "i don't want your but out like this" whoops, better tuck that thing back in!

How are you doing the day after? my thighs are sooo sore.. i know i need to do it again today, but i didnt do it as soon as i woke up so now i'm putting it off :(

Amylou said...

That 30 day Shred looks cool! I would like to try it.

And I have balance issues too! And the inhale/exhale thing...yep that too. I do everything opposite. I start to just go with it and keep my own rythmn. HAHA!

Janna Lynn said...

I'll watch it while I drink my shamrock shake. :) Its just safer that way! Ha ha! Good luck dear! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Diana Smith said...

Awesome! I want to try this! Its must be sooo hard, cause its jillian, but it would be a good workout!

Whitney, Coty, and Mr. Mason said...

ok im going to try this now. coty just got me the biggest loser for the wii. so excited

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

I know what you mean about breathing at the wrong time and doing opposite movements! I'm not very coordinated either!

renee kristine said...

oh, i thought you might like this

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