Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap

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This weekend was relaxing and much needed. 
Last week I was under a lot of stress, mostly due to my cycle being three weeks late.
I took a good amount of these babies:
{all with the same result}
Thank goodness!
I was still very stressed because there was still a chance it could be positive. Until Friday morning when, to my surprise my "friend" decided to show up. 
After that reassurance I was able to relax and Aaron and I had a great weekend.
Friday night we got take out and cuddled up at home watching movies on Netflix.
This is me waiting in the car while Aaron went in to get food.
30 min later still waiting, I got bored and started taking pictures of my hands. 
{Oh btw Aaron took the car keys inside with him, and I was freezing!} Boys sometimes! haha. 
I think hands are interesting, you can tell a lot from a persons hands. Mine are very large and probably the only skinny thing on my body, besides my feet. 
Saturday we had planned on going to the Living Planet Aquarium.
Once at the aquarium we had a hard time finding parking. Finally we found a spot and went in. UGH.. The place was packed and my anxiety got the best of me. Scratch that idea. 
So we went to the mall instead, which I don't like much either.
BUT my husband is awesome and let me get some make up at Sephora, a t-shirt and some headbands:)
Today we hung out at my parents house to celebrate my brother and nieces birthdays. My mom made a delicious dinner and I stuffed my face. 
My sister in law is an amazing baker/cook.
She made lemon poppy seed cupcakes with lemon filling and lemon meringue icing. This is my niece, for some reason she always has to make weird faces when I take photos of her. haha. Anyways all the kids had frosting all over their faces when they were finished eating.. It's times like these when I wish I could eat gluten.
Tonight Aaron and I were going to go see a movie{Rango} but When we got to the theater Aaron was hungry. Rather than eat mounds of popcorn to sustain himself we decided to go to Texas Roadhouse instead.
I was still full from our lunch/dinner so I just got a DC.
Aaron likes going out to eat with me, especially when they give you bread. Double for him:)
Wow what a horrid picture haha. Me with my diet coke trying to resist the bucket of peanuts. {my weakness}
Okay so maybe I had a few.. I was proud of myself though I ate like 1/100 of what I usually would have.
Oh I forgot to post this in the section about my families house.
Okay so my dad is a doctor and his decor in his personal bathroom cracks me up.
 Let me just show you what I mean:
You probably don't realize why this is so amusing to me.. Let me explain. He recently joined a practice and so he had a bunch of equipment from his old office just laying around. So what does he do? Well that there "toilet paper holder" is an IV pole.. AND 
the tray with all of his grooming essentials is an instrument tray. Also {not pictured} he has two "lamps" in there that are actually procedure lights. 
The things he comes up with crack me up. 
One time I was using his bathroom and I could not find the TP. 
So I called my mom on my phone and told her to bring me some. 
I hear my dad's voice in the background "tell her to look up" 
and to my surprise about 3 1/2 feet above my head was the TP hangin' on the IV pole. Oh I love my family.
I hope you had a great weekend!


posidanielle said...

hahahaha! I love that your dad's bathroom is filled with medical equipment. That is awesome! your dad sounds pretty awesome!
Sounds like you had a great weekend!!
Love you gorgeous!

Eva said...

I saw that pic of the pregnancy test in my google reader and was like OH MY GAHHH!! haha :P

Janna Lynn said...

I'm with Eva! You psyched me out big time..its been forever since I took one of those...always negative here too! Now....(warning TMI: I am fixed had my tubes tied, my spine would break if I tried to bring progeny into this world). I love your Poppa's bathroom that had me chuckling quite hard! I think your pic at the Tx Roadhouse is cute! I love eating their peanuts, not so much for the nuts but more because you can chuck the remains wherever you want! I'm late for work...gotta go...have a great day! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Cat said...

Ha...Andy has done this to me countless of times (leave me waiting in the car sans keys and it is freezing out!!!)...something about saving gas?!?!? Hello, warmth always takes precedence :) BTW, I adore the TR and would recognize that bucket of peanuts anywhere (peanuts are always better when enjoyed at the TR along with those incredible rolls + cinnamon butter :)) Happy Monday! xx Cat

with a chance of said...

congrats on the non-pregnancy! lucky girl =0P it sounds like you guys had a fun weekend!

P.S. your dads bathroom cracks me up!!!

gracey said...

your dad's stuff screams "hectic" hahah!

la petite lydia said...

I had the same worry! My "friend" was late and I was like, "Oh no.." not that I don't want to have a baby, I just don't want a baby for a few years.

LOVE the decor in your family's bathroom. It is pretty awesome.

With Love, Jamie said...

Oh man!!! You got me, I saw that pregnancy test too & was like OHMYGOODNESS! PREGNANT?! hahaha ;)
Glad your relieved though! Those tests can be scaaaary!

Diana Smith said...

hahaha you took the test!! I am glad you aren't pregnant! Relief! And Texas Roadhouse is soooo good! Did you go to the one in Orem? Yummo! I always eat WAY too much there. The IV Pole as a toilet paper holder cracks me up!! Thats hilarious! We need to hang out sometime!! Would be fun!

Amylou said...

Oh my goodness! That is way to high up to be reaching for toilet paper! HAHA! How hilarious!
I would have the same reaction and would be freaking out if I thought I was pregnant, only because I really don't feel like I'm ready yet! I still feel like a kid. LOL!

kenzie said...

just like everyone else, i saw the first picture and immediately thought you were preggo. haha. but congratulations! on...not being pregnant. right?

it's true about the hands. hands are the window to the souuuullllll. i just got done reading 'east of eden' by john steinbeck and he talks about the characters hands a lot. i have small, carny like hands. true story.

and your dads bathroom pictures are hilarious.


Janette said...

1. Okay.. I was secretly rooting for a positive on the pregnancy test cause you'd make the most adorable mama!
2. Lemon muffins! YES PLEASE!
3. Amazing how you resisted the peanuts! Great job!
4. Hilarious toilet paper holder! lol
♥♥♥Janette, the Jongleur

Brett said...

I too was expecting an announcement after that first picture! Haha. I'm glad you can relax now though! I love your dad's bathroom! Too funny!

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

I don't know if I've ever mentioned, but my husband gets anxiety when we go to super busy places. So I have to make sure wherever we go is not too busy or crowded or it can ruin our time together. Just thought you should know that although I don't deal with it personally, I know what's it's like to love someone who does :)

Ashley said...

Looks like you had a pretty great weekend...after the scare, ha! AND I have big hands, too. They used to be my least favorite part of my body...but now I've embraced them. ;)

renee kristine said...

hahahah that iv cracks me up because i can see you standing in the mirror and youre only just now eyelevel with it.. i can only imagine trying to stand to get it.

oh, and i like that picture, your bangs look good!

Eric Arballo said...

That aunt flo always seems to show up right after you spend $15 on those things! You can get some at the dollar store if you want to just do it to check. I always just used the cheap ones until I got one that looked like another line then took the expensive ones. The truth is they're just as effective, just not as fancy. There's really only a %30 chance every month you'd get pregnant (being healthy and able to conceive) but I still would like to meet little baby Aaron and Heidi.

bebe bird beck said...

hahaha! I love that he uses those things to decorate.

And the picture that you claim is horrid of you ... ADORABLE!!!
shush it.

You're super cute miss.

Fin said...

This post made me laugh multiple times. I love your dad's bathroom - I would totally do something like that if I had the same equipment. Re purposing things is great.

The picture of you in the restaurant is totally cute! Love your hair in it :)

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