Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My house is a popcicle

Today was one of those long days at work. We had a two hour meeting after our normal shift, it made the day feel so long! I even missed the beginning of biggest loser! But it's alright, because at least I got to watch the weigh in. Which is what everyone watches the BL for anyways, right?!? 
Did I mention that it is about 5 degrees outside right now?? Oh and my awesome heater, is still not working! Woo hoo! So the dogs and I made a little corner behind the couch with a space heater. Okay the dogs didn't really help, and well neither did I. Aaron did all the work.
side story to this picture:
So the thing in Sammie's cheek is a rawhide, if you notice Oscar is looking at her longingly.
Well Sammie totally swiped it right before I took this picture, and then... Wait for it...
That little piggy stuffed it completely into her mouth! haha she makes me laugh!
This is what Oscar does when he wants your attention: He places his paw on you, sits up on his bottom and whines. It is thee cutest thing ever!
Sorry for such a dull post (i spelt dull "dole" at first, i'm an awesome speller) today was far too cold to venture out, and so I just had to take indoor pictures. Aaron and I might be taking a little road trip sometime in the near future to a warmer climate, and I cannot wait! **fingers crossed**
Oh and today Aaron and I have been married for nine months!
We could have totally had a baby by now ;) 
Have a great night everyone, and stay warm!
See you here tomorrow for Weigh-in Wednesday!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

awww adorable pictures!

with a chance of said...

wow thats cold! i hope you guys stay safe and warm!!! it's the coldest it's been here on record in four years here! ah! i don't know how to act lol. bundle up!!!

posidanielle said...

Your pups are so cute! I hope you get your heater fixed soon! I can't imagine going without ours!
i hope you have a great day!

kenzie said...

first off, i love your owl background. is it new? or am i just now noticing it? either way, i want it. also, if your dogs suddenly go missing, it was me.
5 degrees! it was 40 here last night! maybe you need to come to alaska to escape the cold. har har har.
congrats on your nine months of martial bliss! :)

amylou said...

that is completely rediculous! They should have your heater fixed by now!! You poor thing!

Lily so does that too! I sit in the floor to blow dry my hair in the morning because my cord isn't very long and I like to be close to my full length mirror. Lily always coms and sits with me and puts one little foot on my leg. So cute!!

Happy 9 months!

Chrissy said...

Oh no, the heater still isn't fixed! You poor thing - I couldn't imagine living wihtout!
We are officially snowed in here...the hubby's working the snowblower like crazy! Have a wonderful day dear!
Hugs xxx

la petite lydia said...

Awww! Those pictures make me miss my puppy Rivkah. She didn't move with me. But I still get to see her. She does the same thing that Oscar does. Precious.

And I hope your heater starts working! I am sorry that your house is so cold. Hopefully it warms up soon.

Congratulations! That is so sweet! Chad and I have been married for almost 5 months. :)

amyschmamey said...

Awe! happy 9 months!!!!! And dude. That heater needs to kick in for realz. It's like 11 degrees here and I know that if my heater wasn't working I would be going insane.

Gale said...

i love posts with your doggies in it! my cat and dog do that same thing with the paw! how can we not give them whatever it is that they want, really? hahha. sammie is sneaky sneaky.

congrats on your 9 months with aaron! awww so great. i hope you do get to go on a roadtrip to warmer climate soon!

Lillian said...

As Lydia said, Rivkah does the same thing. It is nearly impossible not to give in to her. One of my cats steals Rivie's toys, it is so funny because Rivie will sit there with that same look on her face waiting for Emmy to get done playing with the toy. Then she takes it and hides it!! hahahahaha

Congratulations on your 9 monthiversary.

Lillian said...

P.S. I hope your heater gets fixed soon!

Delirium said...

Ahhh, you must be freeeeezing! That is seriously ridiculous, they need to fix that heater! It's like 2 degrees outside, I didn't even want to leave the house today.

I hope you have an electric blanket! And congrats on the 9 months!

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