Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing-really

Okay I admit it, I am lost for a post today. 
I mean do you ever have those days where your life is just not interesting enough to write about? 
So you try to scramble up random things about the day that really aren't all that interesting, and try to embellish on them? Well if you don't know what I am talking about, your in luck! That is just the nature of todays post.
Usually when I am hard up on post material I just take a picture of my dogs. AND voila I have a topic of discussion. Like this photo, why must Sammie insist on sleeping on top of Oscar?? I don't know but it is dang cute.
OoooOOoo Whats this? I found another item to embellish upon! Check out how large my keychain is. 
p.s. the cute bird keychain was made by my lovely friend Jamie.
And here we have the reason why I missed 30 minutes of crucial Biggest Loser time. Oh don't worry ladies, it was not I who strayed from the path. My husband was hungry and me being the awesome wife that I am, let him stray from his diet. Okay okay so I didn't want to spend time making him dinner while the BL was on. Legit. I know.
Oh joy. Here we have a naughty little wiener pup who likes to get in her human mommies yarn stash and tangle it up all over the room! Silly puppy. I was actually very angry at this, after all green is one of my favorite colors (and this yarn was SO soft). BOO hoo, feel sorry for me.
And of course If I am really hard pressed to find post material I can always just crochet something. Right?! Okay So maybe not, my blog is beginning to feel like more of an 83 year olds space rather than a hip 23 year old. You know? 
OH and did you check out how teeny tiny that crochet hook is?? That heart, yeah its only the size of a quarter! WOOT. I am awesome.
Speaking of awesome, hello all you new followers welcome!
I hope you all have a great night!


Shandi said...


Paigeepee. said...

haha you have the cutest way of explaining yourself i just love to read anything you have to say just because of the way you say it :)

but her name is andi :) she went to school with you and blake! we go to taylor andrews together :) so i'm trying to be a hair dresser....i'm not so amazing though...

but blake thinks you were pretty cooooooo yourself :) he knows all the best people!

but on the music note have you heard oh lord! by foxy shazam?! or maps by lets get it?! i highly suggest those songs :)

posidanielle said...

I hate those days when I have nothing to write about! And I am thinking that today is going to be one of them. Bleh!
I love reading your posts though, even if you don't have many exciting things to write about! Its nice to read about your pups or other little pieces of your life.

I have been crocheting some stuffed owls for a friend that I work with. She ordered 4 for her daughters and I only have 2 done because I am a procrastinator haha. I'm getting a bit burned out on crocheting. Probably because I did so many things for christmas. haha.

I hope you have a lovely day, friend!

Chrissy said...

See, you did have something to write about - life! hahaha
Your puppies are the best! So darn cute!
And that tiny heart is gorgeous!
Have a wonderful day!
Hugs xxx

Liz said...

Hahaha I love reading your comments on my blog.
I am not creeped out about what you said about my dad (HA) and I understand what you mean when you write.
Okay, now that I've just written that, I have no idea what I just said.
Oh well.
Anyway, your dogs are adorable. I can't wait till I can get my dog back from my parents. (apartments suck)
ANYWAY, I don't think that your blog is granny-esque (and even if I did, I like old people). In fact, I wish I could crochet.
Have a great day!

Janna Lynn said...

Ha ha...those wiley weenie dogs!! Your teeny crocheted heart is tooooo cute! I'm thinking you should sell little valentines day brooches or necklaces!!! Looove it! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

amyschmamey said...

I completely identify. If I don't have something to blog about though, I take the easy way out... and I don't blog. ha ha ha. HOWEVER, this blog isn't bad. I found it interesting. :) As always I am impressed with your crocheting skills and laughing at your dogs. :) And that is hilarious about the fried chicken and fries during the biggest loser that your hubs had. :) ha ha ha. we had Chicken tenders (fried) with whole grain mac and cheese. The Whole grain counts as healthy right? ha ha ha. NOT! :)

Diana said...

I have the same coffee table & rug! The pic of your dog with the yarn is the same one I have of my son ... with my yarn! lol. Following you now!

Amylou said...

Silly pups! Mine gets into everything. While I've been sick she's been into everything.

Quarter sized heart?! EEP! I love it. I'm a heart fanatic. I guess you could call me a collector, because I just love them!

Delirium said...

This is why I post like.. once a week now. Hahahahah. I suck.

Lillian said...

I do my weigh-ins on Sunday but I'm not ready to put my weekly progress out there. Kuddos to you for doing it though, you encourage me!

Your puppies are so cute and your little speech bubbles are hilarious!

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