Thursday, February 3, 2011


I'm so bothered by this cold weather.
I'm bothered that my supplies that were "shipped" 24 days ago are not here yet.
I'm bothered by my acne, and that I can't stop picking at it so now my face is bleeding.
Today I was just that, bothered.
Do you ever have one of those days when you feel like a grumpy Gus??
Well today was that type of day.
I did do some productive things though, and I am excited for the weekend. TGIF.
I crocheted a beanie while watching Grey's Anatomy. A guilty pleasure of mine.
And then I decided to follow your suggestions and add a button to the hat below. I hate crappy cell phone pictures, the colors of all my yarn look so washed out. It looks a lot better in person, thank y'all for the tip! 
I hope that my supplies come soon because I need to get creating on some fun new etsy items. I am thinking of closing my shop over the weekend to re group. Hopefully I will be able to find some sunshine this weekend too!
Oscar always falls asleep on my yarn while I am crocheting on the couch. That silly poochy! 
Okay so today I was searching through We ♥ it and I came across thee most adorable doxie (besides mine of course)
 pictures that I need to share. 
Behold all that is weenie:
Meep! So cute:) If Aaron would let me get another puppy I totally would. I think baby humans are cute, but when I see pictures of babies it doesn't compare to pictures of puppies. Seriously, puppies are thee most adorable thing on the face of the earth. Okay I better stop i'm getting puppy "hungry" now. 
Phrases that I HATE that I may be guitly of using every now and again:
Baby Hungry (who came up with this? I don't want to eat babies!)
We're trying (ugh... awkward)
We're pregnant... Ugh no We're not pregnant I don't see you with heartburn and stretchmarks!!!
We're graduating.. OKAY basically everything beginning with "we're" when it is only a singlular person. It is "I am pregnant" Or "my wife is pregnant"
OR "I am graduating"
OR we are getting busy.. GET it?
I hope I didn't hurt anyones feelings.. Really I am just being "bothered" today..
I promise I'll be better after the weekend!!
I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Liz said...

Hahaha I'm glad you posted this. I have been "bothered" all day, as well. Simply grumpy.
And those things bother me, too! Way to take away the individuality! Ha
Secret: Grey's is one of my guilty pleasures, as well... For real.
AND my mom's favorite dog is the dachshund. We had two when I was a kid :)

Shandi said...

Today was a little "bothersome" for me as well.
So I slept for most of it. (love mornings off!)
Puppies really are the cutest ever! I have the same reaction. Babies are cool and all. But I would take a puppy over a baby any day! :)
Your hats are SOOOO cute!!
And so are you!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend pretty girl! :D

Shandi said...

Oh, also, I love your new layout and header!!

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

I've been having those grumpy days too. And I feel so bad that my husband gets the brunt of my grouchiness.

That dog in the hot dog bun made me laugh. Thanks :)

Ashley said...

I love your beanies! I'll have to take a look around your shop. :]

& I have plenty of days where things are just off enough to leave me unsatisfied for the entire day.

posidanielle said...

I have been bothered today also..mine was probably the lack of sleep and today I feel a million times better.
I love your hats they look wonderful! And i hope you get your supplies soon.

i hope you have a better day beautiful friend!

Whitney, Coty, and Mr. Mason said...

those pics make me puppy hungry!

la petite lydia said...

I know what you mean. I hate having bothered days but I have them too. I hope your day got better. And those photos are so cute. :)

Lillian said...

I hate "bothered" days, I think my husband hates my bothered days more though. =>

I have to admit that I have said "We're graduating" because well, when my husband was in school, I might as well have been there too. Same is true for him now that I am in school. So in that since we did and will graduate. LOL. Now I can't stand it when someone uses the "royal" we and they aren't anywhere close to the situation, you know the nurse asks "are we sick." I have actually answered "I don't know about you, but I am" (Usually when I'm having a bothered day).

I hope your day gets better.

With Love, Jamie said...

Love all your hats! So cute :)
Sorry for your yucky day...hope your day today is better & brighter! And hope you get your package, thats kinda rediculous! :/

Anonymous said...

Eee, i love your beanies!! *wants* and your background always makes me smile. I hope you are feeling better doll X

Eva said...

this post made me think of this:

Janna Lynn said...

Ohhh...poor grumpy Heidi! :0 I hope your feeling happier now :). I loooove the weenie dog pics!!! Watch out...puppy lusting is one of the first steps to being in my shoes and having five doggies! Ha ha! :) Happy Friday, Sweetie...your gonna have a great weekend...I just know it! ;) Hearts, Janna Lynn

Paigeepee. said...

i saw your blog on blakes account and i love it! you are so adorable and i love what you have to say!

edu said...


david and christina said...

i got home after work on friday and got sad because i didn't get an emails from you about greys. so tuesday its on. i hope your weekend is getting better.

Chrissy said...

How did I miss this post? mmh...well, I had a bad day that day as well...everything kind of sometimes comes together...
Hope today will be a better day!
Hugs xxx

Saving Capulet said...

oh dear, yes, I have paranoia days ._. its a lot worse than bothered, but I hope you're okay now! and that your supplies will get to you, and fast!

alovelylittleworld said...

You have such a great blog and I love every single one of those dog pictures. Your dog is so cute sleeping on the yarn and I love that basically here's a lot of love coming your way!

Gale said...

this is so late heidi haha. but i just read this post and are you truly the best blogger out there or what?? you make me laugh! i love your pet peeve alerts. please write them more often hahaha!

"we're getting busy" bwahahhahah

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