Monday, January 24, 2011

wanna trade?

Okay so my new current obsession has been handmade trades. I love them. So far I have traded with Chrissy and Jamie! Jamie and I have actually done two trades, we loved the first trade so much we decided to do it again:) If any one is interested in doing a trade, let me know (! Hopefully my mail man will actually show up today with my package from Jamie! (he tends to skip my house a lot.)
Yesterday was not super eventful. I have now caught 3 yes THREE mice in my traps. It is seriously one of thee most disgusting/sad thing ever. These are some brave mice too, I have seen them running around more than a handful of times. Now I have become the crazy mouse lady, I think I need a cat! 
Last night I cut Aaron's hair, it was so long and we thought it best to cut it before he starts looking for jobs.
He seriously has so much hair and so do I.. Our kids are doomed.
After I cut of his mop I walked over to my moms for dinner. She made some chicken tomato basil stir fry with rice, and some delicious gluten free cookies. Just for me:) she is so sweet.
And as many of you know I am on Weight Watchers so any good diet food/drink I find I instantly must share!
That's right it says Fanta ZERO! Hail yeah! Seriously it is divine, you should totally all try it and tell me what you think.
      After dinner I crocheted to my little hearts content. While I was sitting on my couch a mouse ran out of the closet and under the couch I was on!! I stood up on it and started screaming, Aaron is so annoyed with me right now. haha.
Sammie and Oscar love to cuddle up next to me while I am crocheting, it is so cute!
Tonight Aaron and I are going to dinner with my friend Amanda and her husband. It will actually be our first double date since being married. Yeah I am that anti-social, I am excited to hang out but anxious. 
I hope everyone has a great day!


With Love, Jamie said...

Aww, I hope you get your package today too!! I'm always up for trades with you! Maybe we can just make this an ongoing thing?? hehe
I adore your wrist cuffs!
xoxo, Jamie

amylou said...

eek! so gross. I hate mice too!

your momma was so sweet!

Have a great date night!

Eva said...

haha, i would SO stand up and scream too.

why do you eat gluten free? i'm just curious because both my grandmda and my aunt have Celiac disease and can't have gluten

Chrissy said...

Hope you get all those mice out of your home very soon!
Love doing trades!

Have fun at the dinner!
Hugs xxx

Gale said...

I love your new crocheted arm band. seriously you are so good at this. i want to trade with you next! i'll email you about it.

also, i hear ya on the anti-socialness. this past saturday, my hubs and i had a triple couple get together date at my friends' home. we've never done that either since being married. we are hermits..but it's ok. OR maybe it isn't lol. who knows?

Janna Lynn said...

Ha ha..we are hermits too! Okay...I think you should get a kitty cat and here are some reasons why: mouse problem, they are cute, they can get along with the puppies (really we have one kitty and five doggies!), our cat actually caught a bat once!, mice will be able to smell that you have a cat and leave you the heck alone, kitty litter boxes aren't that bad, they can be sooooo freaking cute! I listed that twice because its important :). I think you should get a kitten though...even though that won't immediately help, I think its better for the doggies to see it grow up! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Shandi said...

I'm totally down for a handmade trade! Funnnn! Message me on FB if you wanna!

Also, YIKES! on the mice! Maybe getting a cat is a good idea! I have a grumpy old man cat you can borrow for the job. Though, he likes to beat up dogs so maybe not. ;) hehe.

la petite lydia said...

I have tons of hair too. As in, it gives me headaches sometimes. Just trimming the dead ends off my hair looks like I got a massive hair cut. Ha.

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