Sunday, January 30, 2011

Salt Lake City Photo Adventure

**All of my photos are taken on my IPhone, so they are never the best quality. I will get an SLR sometime this year hopefully!**
Today I needed to go up to Salt Lake to get some more gluten free bread. So I decided to call my older sister Kate (who lives there) to run some errands with me. She brought her Polaroid and I had my phone so we decided to drive around the city taking pictures, in between all the errand running. Basically now will just be a massive photo dump of our day.
First stop some SLC original graffiti. Usually things like this get covered up quickly so when you notice it you must get a picture because it will be gone within a week!
Then we went to this creepy park called Gilgal in downtown SLC. They have such weird things there. Like this Joseph Smith Sphinx.
This was next to the Sphinx so weird!
Weird old man.
So freaking creepy, there was also a bunch of rosaries hung on gargoyles and some of those religious candles. Seriously I thought we were going to see a dead body at any moment.
This birdhouse was actually pretty cool.
I like turtles! I am glad I'm not a turtle, seriously they get high centered on each other all the time and it just seems like it would be an awkward life.
This little gecko made me smile:) He came up to the glass and just stood there posing for me.
Chia pets in a fish tank??!? Genius!
After I came home from SLC I went over to my parents for some delicious Mexican food. Then I came home and decided to cut my bangs. Now I just need some hair dye and I will feel like a new woman! (nothing like a new do to make you feel good)
And then I made a new hat! I really need to update my etsy with all of these new items. It is hard without a decent camera to take a good picture of the items.
 I had a great day, and now it is the Bridal Plasty Season Finally woohooo!! Seriously I love that show bahahahaha (don't judge!)
Have a great night lovelies ♥


la petite lydia said...

Geeeeeee that sphinx is creeeepy. Oh man. Haha. Looks like you had fun though, aside from the creepy things and possibly seeing a dead body. Glad you didn't.

Hope you have a good day.

Chrissy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Great pics!
You look cute with your bangs!
Happy Monday!

vroomvroom911 said...

That's way awesome. I've lived in Utah my whole life and I haven't seen any of those places, I'll have to take a look the next time I'm in salt lake. Epecially that Joseph Smith Sphinx,so funny.

Sounds like it was an excellent day. :)

amylou said...

I think that was the weirdest park I've ever heard of! SOOO creepy!

Janna Lynn said...

Ha ha...I looove your pics of SLC..and the fact that your picking that creepy statues nose! I heart you so much!!! :) I think you look soooooo awesome with your bangs! Your hats are super cute...let us know when you update...I so gotta get a Heidi Hat!!! I do like those Chia pets too...sometimes, when I first dry my hair I look like one...cha cha cha Janna Pets :). Hearts, Janna Lynn

Gale said...

ooh these photos are so cool. looks like you had a great day with your sister! and i'm always down for creepy stuff, so that park is right up my alley hahah. although, that weird old man is getting scarier the more i stare at the photo. that gecko is awesome! and your sooo good at cutting hair. your bangs look great on you!

p.s. i hope you and bonnie(and it turns out janna also wants to come) visit NY some day! :)

amyschmamey said...

Your photo adventure looks awesome! :) fun times with the sis. I love my sis. She is moving to Florida. I am going to miss her dearly.

Delirium said...

That sounds like an awesome day! HAhahah, I love the creepy park, Caiti and I used to go there all the time and take pictures. FUN TIMES.

Your hair is soooo long! I love it. :)

bebe bird beck said...

I love all of your pictures! How fun.
sisters are the best!

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