Saturday, January 22, 2011

Not a creature was stirring not even a... WAIT I have a freaking MOUSE!

My first giveaway is now officially closed! Thank you all who participated, the winner will be announced tomorrow!
First off, I want to say thank you for all of your encouraging and sweet words. I was determined to make today a better one, and for the most part it was. I woke up took a shower, and actually did my hair! (well kind of once it was air dried)
After I got ready for the day I decided to take the pups on a walk. We only got as far as my moms house. (which is a block away) It looked warmer outside than it actually was, the wind was blowing making it even more unpleasant. The dogs loved being outside though jumping around and even rolling in the grass. After I got home I decided that the walk was not enough. So i decided to pack the dogs up and take them for a drive. They loved it!
Oscar is kind of a fradi'cat and always has to be on my lap when I am driving. If I put him on the passenger side he sits there and whines (he is too scared to jump across the Console to me) eventually he inches towards me until he is on my lap.
Sammie on the other hand will jump from place to place, she also loves to look out the window. It is so funny how different the two are.
Yes Sammie is strapped down to the seat belt.... If she wasn't I would probably get into an accident trying to keep her in line.
I love Oscar's ears, and his timid personality♥
If I didn't have these two dogs in my life I would be a lot more depressed. Seriously getting them was the best decision I ever made.
After our walk and ride we came home and the dogs took a nap in the sun while I crocheted and watched stupid TV.. Why is it that Jersey Shore is ALWAYS on?? I hate that show but it seems to be the only thing ever on.. I added a few new items to my shop! Check em' out here.
Tonight while I was sitting watching TV and crocheting I saw it. With its beady little eyes and giant pink ears. EW. THE MOUSE!! Seriously?!? It kept coming out of my closet next to the TV and running under the entertainment center... Sammie abruptly dropped her bone and went to investigate. By the time she got over there the mouse had gone back to its hiding spot.. This happened at least four times. Mice freak me out, so I went to my parents and got some traps. I hate the sound of them going off and the idea of killing an animal. But it has to be done, so my mom and I set a few traps and then I was off to sleep at my parents. Aaron is working one of his last grave shifts (hopefully ever) tonight so I didn't want to be all alone in a house with mice. dead or alive. I told Aaron when he came home from work to take care of them, I am almost 100% certain I will catch one tonight.  I am missing Sammie and Oscar like crazy, is it weird that I get separation anxiety with my dogs? 
Well good night everyone! Thanks again:)
Have a great Sunday!
P.S. I guess I have a twitter so you should follow me?? So I can follow you!


amylou said...

your puppies are so so cute!

I would sleep at my mom's house too! I don't blame you. Hope you can get rid of it tonight.

Thanks for your comment! Steven is the really thoughtful one! It was his idea to get them a tv for Christmas. So sweet of him.

Isn't her hair so pretty?! I hope when I do go gray that I get her bright silvery color.

Lily is pretty much a mutt. We rescued her. At first we thought she was a pug/boxer, but no that she doesn't seem to be getting too much bigger we are kind of thinking she is a chihuahua/pug. She definitely has the curly tail and under bite to prove that she is part pug though.

p.s. this comment was way too long! LOL

Lauren said...

Agh your dogs are so cute! I've always been a cat person myself but my stupid boyfriend is allergic, so I'm slowly warming up to the idea of owning dogs.

Good luck with your mouse situation!

Chrissy said...

Sammie and Oskar are so cute! Good that they love driving in the car! Our Kyra hates it! Really HATES it! We adopted her and she has been through a lot before we got her, so I don't blame her and we just try to avoid car rides as much as we can!
Cute new items you listed! You've been busy!
Happy Sunday sweet girl!
Hugs xxx

Allison Kaye said...

What cute puppies!!!
-Allison Kaye

Eva said...

did you get the mouse??

let's be twitter friends :)

Hello Again Vintage said...

Eeek a mouse! I saw a mouse once and I ran straight out the door. But when I finally came home, my cat had already caught it. *phew* Hopefully you get to catch that little guy (or gal) so the doggies can come back.

with a chance of said...

I'm glad you had a better day yesturday. It seems like something was in the air the past couple of days, everyone has been having "bad days" or just a hard time right now, I know I have. Chin up dear and think of the good things (which is easier said than done sometimes.)

I love your new bow headband/earwarmer! super cute and multi functional!

Eva said...

nooo you're not following me on twitter! also i sent you a follow request

la petite lydia said...

AHHHH! A mouse??? My cat once brought a mouse in from my parents garage. She was SO proud of it and dropped it at my feet. I freaked.

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