Monday, January 10, 2011

It's more like a scowl

This new Weight Watchers plan is so confusing! I can eat fruit and veggies and they have 0 points value?? Say whaaaaat? Don't get me wrong I think it is pretty cool that now for some reason I can eat eight more points in a day than I used to be able to. BUT it all seems kind of abnormal to me. I am so accustomed to the old program (I have been on it for 7 years now) that I pretty much know the points value for everything! Now they are telling me that everything has changed?? Something I could once eat for just 1 point is now 3.....SRSLY??? Has anyone else out there tried this new points plus system?? If so do share your thoughts, I am one confused girl right now!

I even got a bunch of new materials to read through.. (Like that will ever happen!!) One thing I find funny is the fact that the old points calculator which I spent 15 bucks for last month, is now "unusable" on the new plan... Well that blows big, and get this on the new program you have to buy the new calculator!!! hahah okay I sound like I am totally against WW but I really do believe in it. Maybe i'm just bitter from the 8.2 lbs I gained (yes, gained) over the holidays. Next week will be much better, I can feel it!
I also spent the night crocheting a scarf, which upon realization that I did not have enough yarn ended up turning into a cowl.So my scarf turned cowl.. OR Scowl as I like to call it...bahaha (funny right?? Okay not so much.)

 Why do I never buy enough yarn! Anyways here are a few pictures. It also fits Oscar, which I am pretty sure he was super proud to show it off.. 

A little awkward fitting, buts hey I am one to never use a pattern. So usually all of my "craft" are always oddly shaped, but that is how I like it. 
Seriously I love this picture.. My dogs make me laugh, the only way I could get them to look at me is by telling them I would give them a treat.. (don't worry I gave them one right after the picture was snapped) and please excuse Sammie, I try telling her that a lady never sits with her legs open... She never listens though.. *sigh*
I hope everyone had a great monday! I am going to be doing the giveaway sometime this week. Sorry it is taking me so long, I have been very very busy!


With Love, Jamie said...

Aww, I love that pic of you, your too cute!! And your puppies :) :)
Oh & if you make any more cuffs, you should put some in your shop! I would totally want another one from you! xo

amylou said...

Goodness! This photo made me laugh so hard! You perfectly placed that paw print. I agree she is a little lady. Maybe you can teach her to cross her legs. HEHE!

Thanks for thinking of Lily. She is doing ok today. Poor baby all she wants to do is lay around but she did eat so I'm glad.


Felicity said...

I love that you call it a scowl, haha! : )

Chrissy said...

Cute scowl! I think it turned out great!
And your puppies are too cute! Love the paw print...hilarious!

Janna Lynn said...

So cute and funny! I was laughing so hard about the little paw that hid her lovely lady parts..ha ha! I love the scowl...:) Soooo rocks! Hearts, Janna Lynn

kenzie said...

hi. again.
i'm currently in my ninth week on weight watchers, so the change in the "pointsPLUS" thing happened right in the middle for me. i'm doing it online, so as far as trying to figure out points didnt really change for me. and yes, the fruits and veggie thing IS weird! i feel like i can sit here and eat an entire orchard of apples and i'm still at zero? get realll. i dunno man. i don't use my added weekly points and i don't swap my activity points. i just feel like its too much. gah, i dont know. i'm losing so slowly. its super frustrating. but i'm pretty short and want to lose like 20 more points, so i guess its normal. im going to stop my rant now.
how are you doing on it so far? if you have any questions/comments/concerns or just want to tell me how much you hate weigh in day, let me know.
W squared! oi oi oi!

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