Monday, December 6, 2010

A bit of birthday weekend

So yesterday was my 23rd birthday. 
To celebrate I woke up at 12 and waited anxiously for my husband to wake up.
at 3 pm I decided I was bored and could not wait any longer, so I woke him up.
He brought in my birthday presents and placed them under the tree.
My husband is so sweet, he got me the flower bomb perfume I have been eyeing forever!
I also got a pack of Disney themed Christmas ornaments (every year since Aaron and I have been together, he has bought me a Christmas tree ornament for my birthday) Also the Disney themed ones this year are to remember our marriage/honeymoon (we went to Disneyland for the big HM)
He also got me one of those cool metal head massager's that also vibrates  & turns into a body massager as well.
Unfortunately I cannot load the pictures from this epic gifting session so I will have to post those pictures later when I figure out whats wrong.

After I opened gifts I decided that we should take the dogs on a walk in their Christmas sweaters.
The walk was short lived due to the frozen temperatures, but we did get some cute pictures! -of the dogs at least.
Oh how I love these little pups.

After our family jaunt we went over to my moms house for Aaron and my joint birthday dinner/party.
My sisters could not come due to finals and my brother and his family were at a friends. So dinner was a small gathering with Mandi's family and the parents. It was nice though. My mom made Hawaiian meatballs and rice. Which is one of my all time favorite meals she makes. For desert she made me some gluten free brownies and we ate peppermint ice cream which I love. 
I also got some other presents. Which were awesome.
My mom got me these:
Sorry for the bad picture quality. It is peppermint lotion which is my fav, an owl brooch (I wish you could see it in person it is so cute!) & some cozy socks that smell like peppermint.
Mandi's family got me some peppermint lotion & soap (I told you peppermint lotion is my fav)
& Tracy's family got me a cute felted flower broach/hairpin.

After dinner we went to the festival of lights & pond town Christmas. Which is always a must on my birthday.

I had a great birthday!
I will post more pictures when I can figure out why they will not upload! 
and I will be posting about my Saturday night party with the sisters complete with lots of pictures.
Happy Monday Everyone!


Val said...

Glad you had a great day for your birthday!

Chrissy said...

Happy {belated} Birthday! Sorry, I must have missed it...I didn't have internet access yesterday...sorry!

Seems like a wonderful day! Great presents and yummy food! Yay!!

Delirium said...

Looks like you had a fun birthday! Um, you should give me your old perfume now because I'm kind of in love with it. Haha. Juuuuust kidding.

I may have to buy something using your 20% off. DAMN YOU CHRISTMAS SALES! I'm so broke but I can't resist.

amylou said...

fun fun! Happy birthday!

Love the ornament as a gift tradition. that is so sweet!

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