Monday, November 15, 2010

There's always next week right?

Today was not the best in the weight department. I ate so good all week, then last night my family had a big dinner. My mom made me some baked potato soup which was delicious. The problem is I ate not one but TWO bowls, along with a ton of Tillamook cheese (the ONLY cheese to eat, soooo good) & a bunch of bacon. My older sister also made some great chicken chili which I ate a bowl of as well. Well that would have been fine considering I had barely eaten anything all day long before that. BUT I ate a gluten free brownie that my mom brought me back from a GF bakery in Calgary. This morning when I woke up my hands were so swollen, CRAP. I was retaining water from all the sodium I had ingested the night before. I hate being a women. I know that physically I didn't gain the 1.4 pounds that weight watchers told me that I did. I know that it is water retention, but it is hard to deal with a gain. (even if it's not actual fat gain) Oh well, I guess if I do really good this week next week will be an extra big loss!
So what do I do when I have a gain on the scale? I get depressed & eat out.. Makes NO sense whatsoever, it's okay though i've had my meal now and I can start eating healthy again. HA
On a lighter note, after WW my mom and I went to target & I got a TON of cute Christmas decorations. I cannot wait to put them up. I also found this awesome owl ornament, as well as this little owl statue.
Cute right? My owl collection is growing! 
OH and also, I am on the jewelry show case on etsy today. Hopefully it will get me some more exposure.. Check out my shop & make me a favorite:) come on, it will be so fun;) haha


Bonnie Heather said...

Awesome! We should go to cafe rio, I LOVE that place. Next time you get depressed CALL ME! (or text) i'm serious.

Gwiddle said...

We SHOULD go to Cafe Rio!

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