Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 29 - In this past month what have you learned?

Hmmmmm. What does this mean? What I have learned in the past month about myself, about this blogging experience or about life in general? I don't really feel much like being witty. My brain is pretty tired tonight. On a good note I found out that I will be getting a new niece or nephew in June! I can't wait for that, I love babies. Well I guess I will just post pictures of things I have learned how to do, or about myself.
I made this headband tonight. I learned that hot gluing feathers onto felt leads to A LOT of painful glue burns. & that I love making these and need more feathers. (if you wish to buy this item check out my etsy!) Btw the cute little lady in this picture is my niece, we hang out a lot. :) She is also wearing a pair of earrings that are in my shop as well.
I learned that I LOVE owls even more than I thought possible. I got this beaut today in the mail today and I ♥ it! You should check out her etsy shop. I want EVERYTHING in it. Oh and it is a Christmas tree ornament, sorry about the crappy picture.

I learned waiting for the mail to come from orders that I have bought on etsy are almost as exciting as Christmas morning. & that when there is a holiday and the mailman doesn't come I am in a bad mood:( Also I SWEAR that my mailman just decides not to come some days. I hate USPS, they use everything as an excuse for a holiday. I'm not trying to knock Veteran's Day, I really do appreciate the men and women who serve so that I can live free. I just wish USPS would stop closing all the time.

I also learned that I cannot say no to a good deal on delicious scents. Especially ones rich with the smells of the seasons. I love winter, & I am having such trouble holding off until thanksgiving to decorate accordingly. I have one day left of this thirty days business, Bonnie is right I think I am the ONLY ONE on blogger who will finish. You know why no one else has? The topics are LAME, I should have made up my own. Oh well too late now.


Bonnie Heather said...

You're so close! Hahah. Congrats on getting a new niece/nephew. I love babies too! Speaking of which I swear I miss Asia SO bad tonight. Working all night SUCKS. And I miss my electric blanket too. And you would know all this if you had twitter already. Hahah. I'll just keep harassing you until you cave. <3

Sorry, my late night rambling comments are never a good idea.

david and christina said...

I agree if you make up 39 better questions I will do it!

Brett said...

A new niece or nephew is really good news, but you have to tell me from who?!!! The suspense is going to kill me! I am also a Scentsy addict, and am thinking I will go change the scent in my kitchen right now :)

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