Monday, November 1, 2010

6 months baby!

Well folks we made it, six whole months and still a 'kickin! Today Aaron and I have been married for six months, and as you all know I have not been the best housewife. So I decided to kick my butt in gear and actually do something wife like. I cooked dinner yay me, serioulsy though this is rare. It was nothing super fancy, but hey it's a start! Speaking of which this ties in perfectly with day 18

Day 18 - Plans/Dreams/Goals you have.

I plan on having 2 children, hopefully one of each gender. If this does not happen I may go for three, but that's pushing it .I want Aaron to get a day job, soon I hope. I want to get down to the weight I was 2 months before my wedding, I actually gained five pounds I want to make dinner at home every night.  I wish that I had a gym buddy, or someone to exercise with. I have the goal to get my dang kitchen remodeled this year (we will see about this one) I also feel as if a lot of this thirty day business is repeating itself but just being worded differently. Also I am starting to sew wallets, and womb care (more on this topic when it is unveiled) Hopefully I will have more than one buyer! Seriously though, it's sad. I want to be a world traveler HAH! If only my social awkwardness/anxiety would stop getting in the way. I want to be a foster parent for puppies at the shelter.. This will never happen. I want to be a size six, again never gonna happen. Have you seen these hips?
this is the fabric that I got for my projects, i'm SO excited for the finished projects.
I have run out of steam, but guess what?? I only gained 1.4 pounds this week! HAHA. I ate FAR too much candy, there is NO WAY that I only gained that much. (i know some of you are thinking this is a lot, oh it is but trust me I was thinking more along the lines of 5!)
If you cant tell what the banner says it reads "praise the lard" Possibly the worst/most awesome ? Tattoo ever.

I am so excited for this month, I have already boxed away the Halloween decor and put up the Thanksgiving. Mind you that consists of like 3 items. Soon I will feel justified enough to put up Christmas, and I can't wait. Also, today I bought this awesome christmas cd at costco for 12 bucks, and it's two discs!  

Happy 6 months babe! woot woot!


Bonnie Heather said...


PS. I will be your gym buddy. I have a gym pass at golds gym with FREE daycare and of course I never use it.

Gwiddle said...

OMG.. Do you go to the Orem one??? I would totally go, like i'm serious.

Bonnie Heather said...

SERIOUSLY? I usually go to the American Fork one, I USED to have a gym buddy (the person who convinced me to get the gym pass in the first place!) and then she stopped going. I would totally drive to the Orem one so we could be gym buddies! Working out goes by so much faster w/ friends.

TEXT ME. I'm serious. I'll facebook you my number.

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