Sunday, October 3, 2010

Married and with child.

Okay, so not child so much as puppies.

Anyways, It has been quite a while since I was bored enough to try and update my blog. I guess let me begin with the basics. Aaron and I were married on May 1st 2010, we went to California for our honeymoon. Of course half way through the desert my car starts to act funny. GREAT. Anyways we have been married for five months now and have 2 wonderful pups named Oscar and Sammie. Oscar was my dog before Aaron and I got married, He just celebrated his first birthday on August 27th. Sammie is our new little baby, we got her in May. Aaron picked her out, we love them both very much. Anyways much more to come, and hopefully I can post pictures? I really have no Idea how to post them, and how I did before. Any suggestions fellow bloggers??

P.S. Does anyone know how I can post pictures on the side with deets about my family and such?

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