Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Aaron and I spent our honeymoon in California we stayed at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Anaheim. (funny story about the CPH) So after Aaron and I spent our wedding night in Nephi (yes, Nephi) we headed off to California. We had some car troubles along the way which made the trip longer than usual. So we roll into the Crowne Plaza Hotel at about 11:00 pm. As we walk into the hotel we are relieved to finally be done driving. We get to the check in desk and proceed to tell the reception our names. (yadi, yadi, yada) SO turns out we were at the wrong hotel! So the lady so kindly tells us she will map quest the directions and print us off a copy to the correct one. We get the directions and again continue on driving. Luckily our real hotel was only 10 miles away. I plug the directions into my i-phone gps, and we begin to drive. After about ten minutes in the car we arrive at what is supposed to be our destination. We see nothing resembling a hotel. So we drive around the block a few times to no avail. Finally we end up right on top of the blue dot on gps, turns out the lady had typed in directions to the "Crowne Royal Plaza... Retirement home"! GREAT! Anyways long story short we finally found our hotel and we had a great time in California.

 Aaron and I on "it's a small world"It is the only ride he wanted to make sure and go on. Apparently it is the only ride he remembers from his childhood.
 Yes we bout mouse ears.
 Aaron and I at the sea lion show in Sea World.
 The closest we got to the beach, at sea world.
we were going to buy these hats, but an old man offered to take our picture with them on. We decided we would forgo purchasing them.

Anyways we had a great time, and I am so glad to be married to my best friend! I love you Aaron!

P.S. I REAAAAAAAAALLY want to go back to DisneyLand, it really is the happiest place on earth. (seriously!)

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Amanda said...

ha ha, you need to put up aaron's splash mountain picture. i am glad you guys got mouse ears, i wish we did when we went to disneyland

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