Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 8 - Short term goals for this month and why.

This month I have been saying that I would do a lot of things. The only problem is, for some reason once I write down my goals they seem impossible. I have plenty of goals, I just wish that I could find the motivation to accomplish them. Let's see if I can achieve these short term goals this month, send the good vibes my way! Here goes...

  • Get Aaron and I health insurance, $150 a month for my medication is starting to get riddiculous
  • sew my kitchen curtains (if my etsy order would just hurry and get here)
  • Organize my room. Seriously, Aaron and I have lived here since June and we are still living out of boxes!
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • lose 3 pounds, yes three if I say five i'm just going to be disappointed
  • Set up my etsy shop.. Stay tuned Kate and I are meeting on Sunday to start up shop
  • Take my dogs for a walk once in a while
  • Finish painting the bathroom
  • Fix the kitchen ceiling
  • shave my legs? (very ambitious)
  • Learn how to crochet again
  • Organize my craft room better
  • Go to a haunted house, or corn maze
  • Eat healthier, stupid halloween candy!!!
These are VERY ambitious, and to be honest I think the only thing that will end up happening is my Etsy shop. 

TGIF!! Seriously, work was SO long today. Happy Friday Everyone! P.S. Let me know of any blogs that Y'all enjoy. :) Also, check out this awesome pumpkin, so cute!!


Whitney, Coty, and Mr. Mason said...

isnt shaving your legs such a chore. you should have seen mine while i was pregnant (i swear i only shaved when i had an appointment so the dr wasnt like GROSS!) and for the few weeks after because my incision prevented me from bending over that far. now even being able to jump in the shower and wash my hair is a miracle so i tend to shave when coty can watch him but its hard with his 2 jobs. good luck with the etsy shop too!

Gwiddle said...

Hahaha, I love you Whit! Also for the record I TOTALLY shaved today for the first time in two months!

Taylor said... you accomplished one atleast! haha! you can totally do these...and if not all, you always have next month, or the one after that :) i like them! p.s. i want to start crocheting back up is so theraputic and fun!

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