Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chips & Queso

    Today was a somber day. I have been looking forward to Halloween ALL month long, I love holidays. I woke up this morning to the unpleasant surprise of rain pelting my windows. I have been wanting to go to a corn maze or a haunted house this whole month. Usually I spend the weekends alone and can find no one to go with me. Aaron took tonight off of work and I was looking forward to doing something as a family, but the rain ruined all hope of enjoying some outdoor Halloween festivities.
   I had planned to wake up take a shower finish some jewelry for my shop, dress the dogs in their costumes go to the trunk or treat with my nieces then go to something Halloween related with my husband. In all reality I ended up sleeping in until noon, when I woke up I was too lazy to get ready for the day. So I decided to watch some Law & Order while I made some jewelry for my shop.. 3 hours later I was still sitting there in front of the TV. At five I realized Aaron had slept through his alarm so I woke him up. We missed the trunk r treat, I did dress the dogs up for a minute, we ate chips & queso, then Aaron went to a friends, which I didn't feel up to.
Oscar was a lobster, his ears are not sturdy enough to stay in the holes, they kept slipping through.

Me and burger she was a hotdog :)

I love her ♥

Husband and Children


have you ever seen a lobster fighting a hotdog?

Stupify! (don't mind my messy craft desk :S)

Even my dad dressed up! 

    Now I am just bummed that I didn't do ANYTHING all day. At least there are two more holidays coming up, which I will be doing something for. Also, on November first they start playing Christmas music on the radio, which boosts my spirit.

What did you end up doing for Halloween? Did the rain ruin anyone else's plans? I can't wait until Aaron and I have children so that I can live the magic of the holidays vicariously through my children.


Day 16 - Another picture of yourself.
I hate having wet hair! Stupid rain!


Brett said...

I'm sorry your plans were ruined! Your dogs are so cute. I love the pic of you and Sammie, with Oscar up to no good in the background :)

Gwiddle said...

Haha! I'm glad that you noticed oscar sneaking around in the back! ahha he is a crack up.

Bonnie Heather said...

Agreed. Though, I have a kid and Halloween was still ruined, I was totally going to take her out. We should be really lame and bake christmas cookies in November! Though since we both have severe social anxiety I'm guessing it wont happen. LOL.


PS I haven't blogged in a week, omg... it was midterms week, I blame that. I've got a good one for tonight! I need to catch up to you!

Bonnie Heather said...

Also, amaaaaazing costumes. Hahah.

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